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Consultant, Trainer, Speaker & Writer Since 1984
Stepmom since 1996

Professional Stepmom Mentor, Trainer and Founder of Stepmoms on a Mission® ( since 2000

Hi!  I’m Cathryn and here’s a bit about my background.

Seems I’ve been passionately studying human behavior my entire life.  I went to college to learn about management and organizational behavior. Graduated from University of Hartford, Magna Cum Laude in 1978. Got hired by IBM, as a Marketing Rep. to learn ethical selling and marketing skills. In 1980, I went to work for a bank holding company (First CT Bancorp) as Director of Electronic Banking to start a new ATM programs. Back then ATMs were brand new, threatening to tellers and scary to most consumers. Because we didn't have the budget for motivating people to change behavior with presents, I trained the branch staff (60 branches) how to listen for fears and objections and then how to talk with each consumer about their specific needs. And it worked! 
In three years, we set national records for consumer usage that was twice the national average. These results gave birth to my speaking & consulting career...sharing experiences with others.

In 1984, I went out on my own as a consultant, working with financial executives on retail strategies and training their branch staffs to sell new services like ATMs and debit cards to consumers using psychology and high integrity interpersonal skills to help everyone feel comfortable embracing change, facing fears and making new choices. The programs were well received all over the English speaking world. Even in Mexico and South America, although I had translators to help me. During these years I also conducted a 27-city seminar tour, spoke at 6 European banking conferences in Scotland, made training videos and programs for banks and corporations like Maastercard and IBM, worked in England for almost a year and did several weeks of work in Mexico & South Amercia. I flew over a million miles, on American Airlines alone, happily doing this work.

In the early 90‘s I started doing motivational speaking, coaching executives in speaking and presentation skills, helping them develop their own style and began mentoring sales people. In 1996 my world changed dramatically when I became a stepmom to a 5 year old boy who lived with me half of the time. With the desire to get to know my stepson and needing a break from 12 years of traveling, I set aside my international consulting career and instead worked locally mentoring sales people and caring for my new stepson whenever he was with us. As Dickens wrote, “It was the best of times, it was also the worst of times.” (Italics mine.)

In 2000, I became the relationship columnist for (3rd largest site for women at the time) and wrote a monthly column for 2 years. I also founded my own support group called, “Stepmoms on a Mission®” and we met weekly for 2 years and monthly for another 3 years. opened in 2002 to create a on-line community to support and teach women new ways to deal with the unfathomable stress so many women experience when their husband’s ex-wife or children are unwilling to have a kind or civil relationship with them.

Thanks to the wisdom and skills I’ve acquired from several experts & professional in over 1,000 hours of training since (2008) and the work I’ve done with thousands of stepmoms from around the world,  I’ve developed insights, practical and proven tactics and emotional skills to pass along to any woman interested in becoming more aware and empowered as an individual, a wife and as a stepmom. 

Although I’m not a therapist by degree, you will learn a lot about psychology, relationships, boundaries, beliefs and communication skills as we work together on your unique situations and issues. One unexpected benefit of being a teacher & mentor and NOT a therapist, is that I can freely share my stories, feelings and experiences, including the lessons learned from 17 challenging years as a stepmom.  

I can also teach you to how to become more conscious of your true needs and feelings. Together we can untangle and understand dynamics, beliefs and patterns that negatively impact you and your relationships on a daily basis. You’ll begin to wake-up and often see the same things more clearly or in completely new ways. This is an exciting process and your newfound awareness gives you the ability to make new healthy choices that will bring you more freedom in your relationships and a greater sense of well-being...right from the very first session. Whether we work together privately one time or every week OR if you join me for a workshop or conference call on, my approach is to help you learn at the pace you set for yourself. No contracts, just your commitment to do your best each time we work together.

My approach to personal growth?  From personal experiences as both student and teacher, I believe that working with a trustworthy, honest, non-judgmental and patient teacher who believes in your potential for change, wisdom and happiness is the smoothest pathway for sustained growth and change.  If there’s something in your life that you’d like to improve, change or better understand, please read a couple of my articles at There are over 60 to choose from. When you do this, you’ll get a sense of my approach and you’ll know if working with me is a good fit for you. I welcome your calls, messages and emails.

Any questions about how I might help you?  I look forward to hearing from you.

Cathryn Bond Doyle
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Telephone: 609.206.2009

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