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Equipment for Sale
All equipment is pulled from a working environment and guaranteed not D.O.A. unless otherwise noted.
All items plus shipping (via the carrier of your choice. ) or available for pickup.

DPS TBC-III Digital Time Base Corrector and Proc. Amp $100.00
This is a frame-store (infinite window) time base corrector that was used with a NewTek Video Toaster video editing system. It will work with any NTSC video signal in any video setup. It's in excellent condition and fully functional.

This card can be powered via any ISA slot in a PC (or it can be installed in an ISA slot in an Amiga computer.) It doesn't actually use the computer, it just draws power from the slot to run the card. It is remote controllable via a serial port from an Amiga or a PC (either the one that is powering it or a different one) or via an optional hardware control panel. I have the PC and Amiga versions of the control software and will include it with this card. I also have a copy of the owner's manual and will include that also. The serial connection to these units can be daisy-chained for control of multiple units from one host computer.

Here's a link to some more information I found on the web:


(Photo) 2 DPS TBC-IIIs with RC-2000 controller in optional external enclosure. $300.00
One unit consisting of two DPS TBS-III Time Base Corrector / Processing Amplifiers in DPS external chassis with RC-2000 controller.

This fully-operational system was removed from service and is guaranteed to be in perfect working condition.

Useful to sync two NTSC video sources (2 cameras, 2 VCRs or 1 camera + 1 VCR) for live switching or editing. Can hold up to 8 TBC cards providing for a total of up to eight synchronized video sources.

This is NTSC, composite video only.  Please be sure this system is compatible with your requirements.

(Photo) U-Matic Videocassette Recorders $100.00
We have several working U-Matic videocassette machines available. Most are Sony brand, VO-5000 or 7000 series. Recorders / Editor-recorders / Players. Also parts machines.

(Photo) Sony RM-440 Edit Controller $100.00
Working Sony RM-440 edit controller for VO-5000 was used with  VO-5850/VO5000 U-Matic system.

(Sold) Videodisc player parts: Pioneer LD -V1001 $ inquire
Parts available from a Pioneer Videodisc player, model LD-V1001.

This working player was retired from service and disassembled for parts salvage. Most parts still available. Inexpensive. I would prefer to get this stuff into the hands of someone who can use it rather than sending it to the landfill.


(3 available) Equipment rack - 72" full height $100.00
Several 19" racks available. Full height (72" tall). Some with back doors. Pickup only, please.

(Photo) U-Matic and Betacam Video Tapes $ low
We have large quantities of U-Matic and Betacam Video tapes available. Most are used, 1-pass camera tapes. Some are new. Betacam SP and regular, full sized and mini. 3/4" full sized and mini (regular only, no SP.)

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