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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Tom Shipley - Doctor of Patriarchy

Never before has the world needed Biblical patriarchy as it does now.  Thank God for Tom Shipley to teach us this doctrine.

A "Doctor" is one who knows his doctrine so well that he is able to teach it qualitatively.  Usually a man is only able to be a true doctor in one area since the field of knowledge is so great that one can only be truly knowledgable in one area.  So Tom is quite specific in the doctrine that he teaches.  It is not the practice of Biblical patriarchy (from now on I will simply says patriarchy since any non-Biblical patriarchy is adulterated patriarchy) that Tom teaches but rather its Biblical legitimacy and exposition.

Now, there are many so called doctors of divinity and theology in the world who ought to teach the same thing as Tom does on the subject of patriarchy.  After all, the truth can not be at odds with itself.  But they do not and are in fact at odds with Tom on this.  So who is doctoring the the truth here?

What does "doctoring the truth" mean?  It mean perverting the purity of the truth about something does it not?  This is what false teachers do - they doctor the doctrines of God rather than keeping them, and teaching them, and defending them inviolate.  They profess falsehood when they do so do they not?  They are thus witnessing falsely before men.  Will Christ profess them to the father and advocate their case before Him? No he will not.

Do you bear proudly the title of Doctor and bask in the glow of respect from men given this title?  Did you proudly wear the robes that confer dignity and honor on a person deemed worthy of the position of keeper, teacher, and defender of the truth? Do ministers of the Word of God look to you for guidance on how they should minister to the flock of God's people? Beware of the judgment that awaits you if you judge wrongly in this matter.

Posted by Wayne McGregor on 12/09 at 08:36 AM
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