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Thursday, October 21, 2004

So you want to be a New Covenant Wife

You can be one no matter what your circumstances are.  God’s Law is the key.

Being married is a lot like being a citizen of a country.  You are under the laws of the civil government.  But since this is God's world and we are all breathing the air He made, whether you believe that or not, we all under His Law.  It is His, He made it, and He gets to make the rules.  So the civil government can make lots of laws but we are to obey them, "In the Lord."  The same applies to wives; they are to obey their husbands in the Lord.

What does this mean?  First of all, obedience does not mean, "work to rule," which is to drag your feet and only conform to the letter of the law and do it all with a bad attitude.  Rather, obedience means to enthusiastically conform yourself to the character of God and to His ministers (people He has placed in authority over you) wherever they are in line with His LawWord.

That brings us to the other crucial thing which is that we must know God's LawWord so we can discern whether the laws, rules, demands, and regulations given to us are "In the Lord."  To a husband, this will have the effect of having a wife who is an enthusiastically, obedient, dream wife when he asks a godly thing of her and one who is disobedient and impossible to move when he asks of her an ungodly thing. 

He will then have two choices pressing in on him to choose one or the other. 

a) He can bring his character into line with God's character (as expressed in His LawWord) or  

b) He can depart from her and reject God's character (1 Cor 7:15)

This is the same with every authority relationship we have in life whether in marriage, the church, the state, or otherwise.

In marriage, the husband who chooses a) will be more of a patriarch and blessings will be sure to follow.  The husband who chooses b) will soon excommunicate himself out of the godly wife's life and she will be free to marry again, "In the Lord."  He will have proved himself to be no husband, cultivating and protecting all that he was entrusted dominion over, but a tyrant who lives for his own sake and by his own laws rather than for God's sake and by His Laws.

So the study of God's LawWord (theonomy) brings progress in sanctification and joy in our Christian lives and in the Kingdom of God.  This is why God says over and over again in Scripture that we are to learn, obey, and teach our children God's laws, statutes, judgments, ordinances, regulations, and rules when we get up, and go to bed, and go in the car, and write little reminders of His law on Post-It Notes on the fridge door, the door-posts, on our wrists and wherever they will be in front of our eyes.

Posted by Wayne McGregor on 10/21 at 10:28 AM
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Friday, October 08, 2004

So you want to be a New Covenant Patriarch

Christ is the mediator between God and man. But what is the mediator between man and man? Is it a philosophy of some kind, a set of rules we discover over time? Is it the state as the "collective expression of the common good" (how about those bamboozle words to befuddle the despised masses)? Is it whatever you decide, or convention, or church canon law, or what? What governs how we are to deal with one another? What are the terms by which we are to interact and cooperate and judge one another in matters of right and wrong?

What does the Bible say?

It says that God's LawWord, the enscripturated Christ, the Torah, is to be the mediator between man and man.

So why have we not had (practically any) Christian polygyny for the last 1600 years or so?  Because we have not had a strong enough awareness of God's LawWord as our mediator between man and man.  Think about it.  Where do you find the most intense relationship in your life?  With your spouse.  You deal with him or her on a daily basis, and know each other intimately. The more personal and intense and intimate a relationship is, the more it needs to be regulated by Torah written on the heart.

Many marriages fail because of the lack of submission to God's Law on the part of one or both parties.  Imagine that you had a man husbanding several wives.  The number and variety of intense relationships goes up dramatically.  Without a strong foundation of knowledge in, and submission to, God's LawWord the potential for conflict goes up exponentially with each new wife.  This is why many patriarch's wives would bring their maids into the marriage.  An authority structure was already in place and the potential for conflict thus was mitigated.

Therefore, if you as a man want to be a successful patriarch: you must become a student of Scripture and a believer in the validity and ongoing relevance of all of Scripture.  You must become a theonomist

You must stop dispensing with parts of God's LawWord and forsake Dispensationalism.  You must become a presuppositionalist.

You must quit trying to guess God's timing on things and start studying the things revealed.  You must stop worrying about the future and trust in YHVH's providence. You must become one who seeks His rule in every area of life.  It starts with you and your family. 

You, as the Patriarch, are to be the teacher of God's Law to your wives and children.  Students learn first by example and then by principle (doctrine).  Model proper respect for your authority by respecting the authority of God's LawWord. Teach submission to your will by demonstrating your submission to God's will.

The Holy Spirit is moving to bring God's people into an understanding of the realities of God's Kingdom and what it will take to get us there.  Praise God!

Posted by Wayne McGregor on 10/08 at 01:02 PM
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