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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Nature of Authority and Manhood

Authority has a one-to-many structure as part of its nature.

If this natural structure is denied it, the authority withers and becomes impotent and twisted and will no longer provide its function or lend vitality to those in it.

Can you think of any authority anywhere in history that was not based on a one-to-many relationship? A sergeant has many corporals; a corporal has many privates; a captain has many officers; etc.  There may be many circumstances where an actual one-to-one relationship exists with only the potential for a one-to-many. However if this potentiality were ever denied then the authority aspect of the relationship would be made impotent.

This in fact is what we do see in monogamy only cultures.  The authority of the man in marriage is made impotent as he is denied this potential of being chief of many.

Augustine said it most eloquently: "For by a secret law of nature, things that stand chief love to be singular; but things that are subject are set under, not only one under one, but, if the system of nature or society allow, even several under one, not without becoming beauty. For neither hath one slave so several masters, in the way that several slaves have one master. Thus we read not that any of the holy women served two or more living husbands; but we read that many females served one husband, when the social state of the nation allowed it, and the purpose of the time persuaded it: for neither is it contrary to the nature of marriage. For several females can conceive from one man: but one female cannot from several men (such is the power of things principal) as many souls are rightly made subject to one God."

When authority is being stolen from the realm of the family by church and state, then we see the motive for the virulent opposition to the natural authority of the husband in his marriage.  This results in the weakening and destruction of many families causing untold societal ills, but this cost is gladly born by the usurpers in exchange for the ill-gotten authority gained.  Do not expect to see the restoration of that authority sanctioned by those who stole it.  When you understand this dynamic then you will also understand the attacks on polygynists of any kind where humanism is the reigning religion.

When those who say they believe in God's LawWord act on it, then God will restore Biblical marriage and husbands and wives will escape those who are destroying their marriages and families.

Posted by Wayne McGregor on 05/16 at 06:48 AM
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