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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Marcion's Heirs Tell It Like It Is

Yes, just before secular humanism takes the big swan dive into the dust bin of history it lays its epistemology bare and takes down those who are its strange bedfellows - modernist churches.

Marcion, you may recall, is the heretic who posited an evolving God. His original writings were all destroyed but his followers have the same mindset and are quit able to reproduce what he thought and taught.  Here is a quote from the modern Marcionites:

It seems to me that God is evolving right along with humanity. In the OT times he was brutal, he was a dictator. In NT times, he was forgiving and understanding to a point, but not yet ready to give up the LAW. Now, from what I am reading, christians (the spokesmen for God), are saying there is no hell, or that it is just a separation from God, rather than literal torment in a fire. Some christians also accept gays, most accept drinking, smoking, premarital sex, children out of wedlock, divorce, working on the sabbath, etc etc...
Is a kinder world leading us to a kinder God? God has mellowed with age? No longer need to stone or burn sinners?

The fact is God as portrayed in the bible does change. In the OT we have God announcing he is going to kill Moses for not getting his son circumcised. Yes, that's in your holy bible. Then in the NT we have all that stuff about turning the other cheek, gentle Jesus etc.

Correct me if I'm wrong but according to Christian dogma, Jesus is God. Well how come he wasn't a hard person in the NT as he (God) was in the OT? Was Jesus only pretending to be nice?

Right! that was my point in making this thread. After giving it some thought, it seemed obvious to me that our concept of God has evolved right along with mankind. Especially in light of recent discussions on this thread pertaining to hell, which now seems to be interpreted more as a separation from god than a literal burning in hell forever.(even by christians) Then when you consider that stoning people to death went out of vogue, as did punishing people for working on the sabbath etc etc - christianity has indeed changed over and over throughout the ages. And I predict it will continue too. I think those stuck in the dogma, in the letter of the law will be left behind while the more spiritually minded will continue to progress. At least I hope so!


These modern scoffers at the God of the Scriptures get all their ammunition from those Christians who refuse to take God at his Word.

So take your pick, do you want to side with the God of Scriptures and the ongoing validity of his LawWord or would you rather put your hope in the "Singularity"?  It just makes sense that those who believe in a sequence of millions of miracles, starting with nothing, that produced us and our universe would just take one more step and believe the equally ridiculous idea that we will soon be transformed into gods embedded in machines.

Yes, it is a hard choice to make but it will be forced upon you as an opportunistic Islam bears down on an anti-family Western Civilization compromised by secular humanism, the parasite religion that only has teeth for compromised humanist Christians.

Posted by Wayne McGregor on 01/03 at 07:30 PM
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