New Covenant Patriarchy

Friday, September 03, 2004

New Covenant Patriarchy, i.e. Theonomic Polygyny; Not Just Polygyny

Like all of God’s institutions - in civil, church, and family life, marriage outside of God’s LawWord has failure built in.  We must live theonomic lives to be blessed by God. 

What is amazing about our society's divorce rate is that it is not higher considering the near universal hostility to any overt proclamation of God LawWord as such.  We must still be coasting on the faithfulness of earlier generations.

Since God's LawWord as our source of morality (i.e. theonomy) is the mediator between man and man, it is required for smooth low-friction relationships within marriage.  When there is more than one wife in a marriage we would expect the necessity for theonomy to be even greater since there are even more relationships involved, and it is. Non-theonomic cultures which practice polygyny are only able to maintain such marriages by arranging "multiple-monogamy" living arrangements and/or the most tyrannical authoritarianism.  It is the latter that makes for some strong anti-polygyny feelings among some.  They attribute the horrors of man-made tyrannical authoritarianism to polygyny rather than to antinomianism (being at war with God's Law).

Thus we do not advocate polygyny as such, but Biblical theonomy with marriage that is potentially polygynous.

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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

New Covenant Patriarchy and Creation

Strict monogamy and the doctrine of evolution are fellow travellers and not-so-strange bedfellows.

An unspoken presupposition in our anti-polygynous church culture (anything but polygyny!) is that, "Yes you can find polygyny in Scripture, but that was in the primitive bad old days of a proto-Christian society when the great patriarchs of old were still living in theological caves and God tolerated all kinds of pagan practices.  Back then God was less sophisicated than he is now and that is why polygyny is now a sin."

This attitude is purely evolutionary and nearly universal in the church.  It assumes that God evolved in his standard of right and wrong, that His commands and laws where for back then but no longer apply.  This is anti-nomianism.  It also denies the Gospel since it assumes Christ came to die, not for our sins as defined by God, but for sins as we define them.

This evolutionary model applied to morality means that we must now accept homosexuality as acceptable as the next step in our evolving definition of right and wrong.  After all, the same God who said said a man lying with a man as with a woman is an abomination had no problem with a man having many wives.

If God is the source of your morality then you will also believe that a man may have more than one wife at a time.

Posted by Wayne McGregor on 08/31 at 05:12 AM
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New Covenant Patriarchy and Life

The first command of God - a prime directive - is to be fruitful and multiply.  Strict monogamy restricts the obedience to and fulfillment of this command.

Do you know of any perfect or even near perfect fathers?  If you do please tell us all about him since I know I am not and I would like to know the secrets of raising children that would never fight with each other or go astray.

However, despite our imperfections, we are commanded to multiply and fill the earth.  Having children and lots of them is an act of faithfulness to God and a belief in the future.  To arbitrarily limit the number of children we have, say to due to false ideas of holiness, is to live in disobedience to God.  This is what the false doctrine of strict monogamy does.  It says that a man must not have as many children as he can care and provide for but rather whatever one particular woman can have.  That number is further limited by more anti-life attitudes and values that make having more that one or two children unthinkable.

Biblical patriarchy is fully pro-life.  It sees having more than one wife as a way to maximize the potential to have children and thus fulfill the command of God given in the garden even before the fall.

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Monday, August 23, 2004

New Covenant Patriarchy and Two Ways of Life

The choice is clear.  Live by principle or by example; by the word or by sight; by the law of God or by the law of the group.  Does the group or society decide what is right and wrong or does God’s LawWord decide morality.

"Community standards" as a handy phrase has gained prominence in our day when it comes to judging matters of morality and law.  If this had been the case 50 years ago, people of color would still be riding in the back of the bus.  The tyranny of the 51% (or less, if the leaders know how to work the system) is being felt across our society, from schools to neighborhood associations.

Soap operas don't preach morality but they communicate it loud and clear as do music videos and movies.  Copycats are not restricted to criminal actions reported in the news.  Our society is made up of copycats who get their daily marching orders from their media masters.

Peer pressure is the ultimate authority in many people's lives.  They send their kids to school to make sure they get put under, and learn to respond to, peer pressure.  The answer for many is to get their family into a better peer pressure group.  Its a handy system for making people into whatever you want.  Whether it is the liberal left with an anti-Christian agenda or church leaders with a much more Christian sounding agenda, group-pressure with group morality is the order of the day.  The culture war we are in is between the leaders of these two groups.

The result of all this is what Cornelius VanTil called "integration downward into the void." After many years of this kind of acculturation into the group as the source of morality (5-7 hours of TV a day) there is no ability left to stand against the crowd in any matter.  Just the perception that the crowd has changed the standard in some area is all it takes.

Faith has wained so all action is taken on the basis of seeing the examples of the powerful and mighty. Thus they have the need to change their styles of dress, language, worship, diet and morality, to whatever other people expect of them, to what the "stars" are doing.

The end is conflict, law-suits, broken relationships, divorce, disease, and death.

What is God's answer to all of this?  "Not by might, not by power, but by my spirit saith the Lord of hosts." Those who live by faith do not get their marching orders from the group, from their circumstances, but from God. Thus we do not despair but live and work in the glory and hope of God, bringing into the world the effect of our faith.  This enables us to stand.

"Who has despised the day of small beginnings."  Biblical patriarchy is a small beginning today.

So who is the source of your morality, your definer of right and wrong.  It is God or the group; is it theology or politics.  What reigns in your life: Christ through His LawWord or political correctness?

Posted by Wayne McGregor on 08/23 at 11:49 AM
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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

New Covenant Patriarchy and The Center of Life

Surely you would agree, good Christian, that Christ should be the center of all of life, for us personally and for all creation.  That there is no other center that will hold, that can fill the role of Christ as the source of all meaning and definition.  Thus to live a meaningful life, a purposeful life, you must have Christ informing all of your life, reforming it where it has gone astray, and formalizing it in your culture.

Rich forms developed over the centuries are awaiting to be used by those who live Christ filled lives.  True Christian culture is not difficult to achieve; neither is dominion over creation and over the pretenders to the throne of Christ our King.

What is missing are the people who who will submit themselves to his rule willingly and wholeheartedly, embracing his Laws, his definitions of right and wrong, his standards of behavior and conduct.

The uproar over the redefinition of marriage to include 'gay marriage' is, so far, an argument between different types of humanists over who gets to define marriage.  Neither side is appealing to Scripture since to do so would be to call upon God to be the definer of right and wrong and all things else.  This would lead to polygyny and what could be worse?

Some truly idiodic commentators, without batting an eye, present polygyny as one step in a slippery slope leading to all sorts of perversions as if the Father of the Faith, Abraham, and the other great patriarchs of Scripture were perverts.  What perverts these commentators are.  They stand on sand and call it rock.  Now comes the storm of gay marriage.  Will they be able to stand?

Posted by Wayne McGregor on 08/11 at 09:39 AM
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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

New Covenant Patriarchy and Jesus Christ

Who is Jesus? What are his values? What is his standard of right and wrong?

If you say you love Jesus but insist on defining him outside of Scripture, then you love a figment of your imaginaton, and not the God with whom we have to do. Jesus said of Himself, "I AM the Way the Truth and the Light." He thus declared Himself to be the 'Walking Torah of God.'

Do you feel latent hostility to the Laws of God, the books of the Law and the Prophets of the Bible?  Do you have a hard time relating to the delight in God's law the writer of Psalm 119 speaks about? Most Chistians do.  Yes, you are in fact in company with a great deal of Christianity today.  But you are out of sync with Jesus.

The Bible, in its entirety, is the character of Christ writ large.  What the Bible defines as right and wrong is what Jesus thinks is right and wrong.

If you are a dispensationalist then you are guilty of idolatry since you dispense with major portions of God's word as irrelevant to you.  This makes it possible for you to pour man-made meaning into Christ instead of letting him define you.  A dispensationalist thus worships a god made in his own image.

So stop dispensing with the Torah of God!  Confess you have dispensed with His LawWord and then turn from your wicked way to the way of God.  Study it and learn it every day.

Like polygyny without God's Law is tyranny in the family, so is society without God's Law, and churches, and religion, and the state, and so are all the other relationships in life tyrannical without God's Law.  Christ came to reconcile us to himself as defined by His law.  Forsake man-made law, which is Phariseism, and turn to the real Jesus.  True freedom and liberty await, in marriage, political life, church, and community.

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Monday, July 26, 2004

Table of Contents for Man and Woman in Biblical Law


Article 1:  How Feminism Denies the Gospel
Article 2:  Patriarchy Before the Fall, Part 1
Article 3:  Patriarchy Before the Fall, Part 2
Article 4:  Patriarchy Before the Fall, Part 3
Article 5:  Patriarchy Before the Fall, Part 4
Article 6:  Patriarchy Before the Fall, Part 5
Article 7:  Patriarchy Before the Fall, Part 6
Article 8:  In Defense of Patriarchy and Polygamy

Article  9:  "Contradictions" Between Genesis and the Law of Moses, Part 1
Article 10:  "Contradictions" Between Genesis and the Law of Moses, Part 2

Article 11:  The Laws of God, Part 1
Article 12:  The Laws of God, Part 2
Article 13:  The Laws of God, Part 3
Article 14:  The Laws of God, Part 4

Article 15:  All the Polygamists of the Bible, #1:  Lamech
Article 16:  All the Polygamists of the Bible, #2:  Abraham
Article 17:  All the Polygamists of the Bible, #3:  Jacob
Article 18:  All the Polygamists of the Bible, #4:  Esau
Article 19:  All the Polygamists of the Bible, #5:  Moses
Article 20:  All the Polygamists of the Bible, #6:  Gideon
Article 21:  All the Polygamists of the Bible, #7:  Jair
Article 22:  All the Polygamists of the Bible, #8:  Ibzan
Article 23:  All the Polygamists of the Bible, #9:  Abdon
Article 24:  All the Polygamists of the Bible, #10:  Elkanah
Article 25:  All the Polygamists of the Bible, #11:  Saul
Article 26:  All the Polygamists of the Bible, #12:  David, Part 1
Article 27:  All the Polygamists of the Bible, #12:  David, Part 2
Article 28:  All the Polygamists of the Bible, #12:  David, Part 3
Article 29:  All the Polygamists of the Bible, #13:  Solomon
Article 30:  All the Polygamists of the Bible, #14:  Caleb
Article 31:  All the Polygamists of the Bible, #15:  Caleb #2
Article 32:  All the Polygamists of the Bible, #16:  Rehoboam
Article 33:  All the Polygamists of the Bible, #17:  Joash
Article 34:  All the Polygamists of the Bible, #18:  Xerxes
Article 35:  All the Polygamists of the Bible, #17:  Belshazzar
Article 36:  All the Polygamists of the Bible, #20-21:  Abijah and Jerahmeel
Article 37:  All the Polygamists of the Bible, #22  YAHWEH
Article 38:  All the Polygamists of the Bible, #23-40

Article 39:  Polygamy: Miscellaneous Passages and Comments
Article 40:  Patriarchy and Polygamy in the New Covenant
Article 41:  The New Covenant and Polygamy, Matthew 19:3-12
Article 42:  Martin Luther and Polygamy:  The "Strange" Case of Philip of Hesse

Article 43:  The Commentators, #1:  Rushdoony
Article 44:  The Commentators, #2:  Archer
Article 45:  The Commentators, #3:  Hodge
Article 46:  The Commentators, #4:  Murray
Article 47:  The Commentators, #5:  Kaiser
Article 48:  The Commentators, #6:  Wenham
Article 49:  The Commentators, #7:  Jordan
Article 50:  The Commentators, #8:  North
Article 51:  The Commentators, #9:  Smith
Article 52:  The Commentators, #10:  Adams
Article 53:  The Commentators, #11:  Lockyer
Article 54:  The Commentators, #12:  Tucker
Article 55:  The Commentators, #13:  Foh

Article 56:  God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ
Article 57:  Patriarchy in the Church:  I Corinthians 11:2-15; 14:34-37
Article 58:  Feminist Hermeneutics:  Making the Straight Places Crooked

Epilogue: The Biblical Reformation of Marriage
Victims of Monogamania

Scripture Index

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