Australian Sex Party - Federal Drug Policy

Regulation and Taxation of the Supply of Marijuana

  1.  Allow the possession, use and cultivation for personal use of marijuana by persons aged 18 and over;
  2. Allow for the licensing and taxation of growers, wholesalers and retailers;
  3. Retail outlets to be age restricted and be subject to zoning regulations (minimum distances from schools, etc). Licensing will include consumption "on-premises" plus take-out as well as retail only;
  4. DUI regulations amended to allow for maximum THC blood concentration much the same as for alcohol;
  5. Unlicensed commercial levels of production and distribution to attract heavy penalties;
  6. Percentage of tax collected to be directed towards education and harm reduction campaigns


  1. Decriminalisation, not legalisation, of purchase, possession and consumption of all drugs for personal use, such quantity to be defined as an amount equal or less than 14 days supply for one person.
    1. Infractions are to be treated in an administrative framework and not in the criminal justice system.
    2. Trafficking and dealing in drugs to remain a criminal offence.
    3. Supply of any drugs to a minor is to be a criminal offence.

Safe and Responsible Consumption

  1. Immediate cessation of the use of drug sniffer dogs in public.
  2. Subsidised and high quality drug testing kits to be made available through pharmacies, age restricted premises and mobile distribution centres.
  3. Laboratory quality drug testing stations to be provided at all music festivals and the like.
  4. Legalise and increase the number of medically supervised injecting rooms.
  5. Legalise the prescription of heroin to registered and habitual users.

Medical Cannabis

  1. Legalise and regulate cannabis for specified medical uses.

Therapeutic Drug Administration

  1. Introduce a new schedule to the TGA for low risk recreational substances such as synthetic cannabinoids.

Tobacco and alcohol

  1. Unwinding of excessive taxes on tobacco and alcohol.
  2. Electronic cigarettes remain a legal and viable option for nicotine replacement therapy.

Drug Testing

  1. Drug testing for employment only be used where there is an impairment that affects safety of self and others and that tolerances have established benchmarks similar to alcohol blood limit.

Religious Observance

  1. Legalisation of currently controlled substances for the purposes of religious observance.

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Book Review: Quarterly Essay’s Correspondence


David Marr’s profile of Archbishop George Pell (and the sex abuse scandal that continues to envelope the Catholic Church) in the previous edition of Quarterly Essay, was an eye opener for all civil libertarians and secularists. The correspondence section of the latest issue of the journal is equally absorbing and makes fascinating reading. Contributions from commentators like broadcaster Geraldine Doogue; Michael Cooney, a senior advisor to past Labor Prime Ministers; Barney Zwartz, the religion editor of the Age and Sex Party co-founder, Robbie Swan, present a wide range of views which author, David Marr says have continued to help him understand the complex person that George Pell is. Marr’s story continues to grow and he suggests that he is not about to let up and there is a second story in the pipeline.In many ways, the story of how Australia’s religious organisations allowed this appalling rape of generations of young Australians to happen, is conceivably one of the major episodes of modern history in Australia. Sex Party members will be particularly interested in the timing and behind the scenes actions that the Eros Association had in bringing the story of priestly abuse out into the open.

Standing up to the politically-correct bully boys


FREEDOM of speech has never been more threatened in Australia. A raft of ostensibly well-meaning anti-discrimination legislation is casting a pall of censorship and political correctness over the nation.

Everywhere you look some person or group is metaphorically taping someone else's mouth shut.

Not so long ago a member of the Greens attempted to muzzle the Catholic Archbishop of Sydney, Cardinal George Pell, for daring to instruct NSW Catholic MPs that therapeutic cloning and stem-cell research are morally wrong. While many of us disagree with Pell's views, it is wrong to attempt to silence him.  Read More >>