Earn Money with Niche Websites

If you read thru the home page of this site and the top 11 ways to make money online pages, I guess you are familiar with money making ideas already. If you did not those pages, thats fine too. I will explain you here as well, so that you are upto the speed.

To attract visitors, you need to have some special matter or something exciting or even something unique. You need to do lot of background work to find such content or idea. Once you have the topic or the content, you can start to build a website on that topic.

Step1: Before building a website:

Do some analysis around the hot topics around the world, and select the most convincing topics. Once you have figured out the topic(s), run it by your peers and get people opinions. And then conduct another round of analysis to finalize the best topic. The best topics to my knowledge are Financial and Legal. You may wish to explore on these if you agree.

Find a good keyword for your website name/url, it should be relevant to the content or the topic you chose. There are some tools online, which you can use to generate website URLs for you. You just need to give the tool with the keyword. You can try Nameboy

Approach the Website Registrars near you or the most popular one around the world if you dont have region specific restrictions, to register the domain name for your website that you confirmed. You can try Godaddy at www.GoDaddy.com

Once you have your domain name registered, then choose the right hosting plan. You can actually do these two steps together,I mean choosing hosting plan and registering the domain name together, and you will get discount as well if you do them at the same time with the same registrar. I cannot tell you more about the hosting plan as I am not sure what kind of topic you chose. In general, you can plan to choose Linux or Windows with PHP, MySQL databases. It should not cost you much(approximately: $50 USD to purchase an economic plan). And you may better know about how much web space or hard disk space you need, how many web mail accounts you need, and how much bandwidth the site needs, etc.. Please feel free to write to us if you need any help.

Step2: Building the website:

Once you have setup the website and the hosting account, you can start building the website. You have many options to do so. If you are expert technically and know the programming, backend coding, UI css style sheets,etc.. you can start writing the source code on your own. However, there are many FREE readymade softwares available on internet, you can download and install on your hosting account. Its instant, you can setup in minutes. Some of major online CMS organizations are, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal. These are proven and very popular CMS organizations, and you are good to use them for free.

And then work with SEO(search engine optionization) specialists to tune your site(keywords optimization) to meet all SEO standards. SEO will help a lot with indexing you pages in search engines, better page ranking and also help with more traffic generation to your site. You may talk to website registrar to see if they offer SEO services or you can approach any other company or individual consultants.

In parallel, sign up for publisher accounts, such as Google Adsense, Chitika, Adbrite, etc…Some of these companies do ask you that give them your website(URL) for reference, and they conduct a test to check if your website is eligible and meeting their terms and conditions. So, I advise that you wait for some time until your website is picking up with some posts or updates and with traffic generation. If you have another website already and thats up and running for some days, you can sign up with the ad-sense companies by providing that website as reference.

Step3: Maintaining the website:

You need to follow or maintain all of the below to keep your site active and running up-to date.

a.Daily Updates: Post new content or update the content on a daily basis.(the more frequent updates the more activeness of the site)

b.Unique content: Do NOT copy paste the content from other sites. This is very important as the visitor will not be interested to spend time on your site if the content seems to have copied.

c.New Features:Plan to add some new features to the site so that it will attract the visitor, and visitor willbe happy to stay back on your site for more time.

d.Respond to user/visitor queries or suggestions

To maintain the site affectively, either you need to spend good amount of time on the site or you can recruit one or two people and explain them about the site and its niche.

You also need to see how your site is behaving on web, that means, to know if any webpage is missing SEO standards or to know if there are any broken links or even find out what keywords made the visitor to come to your site, so that you can improve keywords. You can sign up for google webmaster tools, its FREE and is powered by google.

And you can also sign up for google analytics. With google analytics, you can also see who is visiting your site and from what geographical region the visitors are coming to your site, and what page is visited most/less number of times, and on what page the visitor spend more or less time, etc…

And you need to market your site. There are options to do marketing, such as word of mouth with your peers, email marketing, etc..

Step4: Sponsored Ads on the website:

If your site is approved by the publisher network companies, you can login to the control panel and create ads in different sizes as appropriate and place them on your site. Remember NOT to have too many ads on a page as it irritates the visitor, and visitor may exit your site in many cases. You can follow the Guidelines about how to place sponsored ads on your site, these are my own guidelines from the personal experience.

Thats pretty much it! I do NOT want to confuse you but want to provide you detailed information. If you are able to follow all above, you will earn very good amount of money for sure. Hope it helps and wish you good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Special Topic: In order to attract more and more people or visitors, you need to have an interesting or very exciting topic. And, when you have your website up and running you can expect lot of traffic.

Why do I need more traffic:The more traffic the more popularity. You can take some examples, such as facebook or twitter. Why are those sites so popular?, not just because of its unique idea but also because of millions of people realizing it and using it effectively.

How many visitors does a website need on daily basis to generate good amount of money? The number of visitors is not directly linked to your earnings, but definitely help for more earnings. 100 visitors may earn as good money as 1000 visitors if the 100 users are unique, and staying for more time on your site, and click on ad links as needed. You can follow the Guidelines about how to place ads and to learn how ads clicks earn you money. However, 100 visitors daily is considered to be a good site and worth spending.

Please feel free ask questions using comments form below, I will be happy to respond as soon as possible. And do provide your feedback too,that helps others to understand better.

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