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SAFSF is not a grantmaking organization but we do provide some resources aimed at helping NGOs here.

SAFSF offers a couple hours per month of assistance to NGOs looking for funding. If you are interested in this service, please complete the form here.

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Our Mission

SAFSF is an international network of grantmakers that works to foster communication, shared learning and information exchange about issues connected to sustainable agriculture and food systems. SAFSF seeks to carry out its mission by providing opportunities for collaboration, increasing awareness of the issues as well as funding needs, and expanding beyond the current membership to increase support and funding for organizations that (i) promote sustainable and just food production; (ii) link to concerns about sustainability and justice of our food system; and/or (iii) connect food production with issues of environmental stewardship, diet and heath, and viability of communities.

New Resources From the Field

The Healthy Farm: A Vision for U.S. Agriculture

The Union of Concerned Scientists released this publication online, featuring an interactive web feature that shows how several key practices can produce the food we need today while protecting precious natural resources for the long term—benefiting American farmers, eaters and the environment.