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Naboo royal guards

Protectors of the Queen



The Naboo Security Forces are the volunteer organization responsible for policing Naboo and protecting the Queen and her people. Trained in hand-to-hand combat and marksmanship, the members of the Naboo Royal Security Forces are well-prepared to defend against acts of terrorism, including assassination attempts on the Queen. However, they are not a standing army and cannot contend with a massive assault, such as the Trade Federation invasion. The Security Forces include the Security Guard, the Palace Guard, and the Space Fighter Corps.


Blaster pistol with ascension gun, blaster rifles, thermal detonators
Naboo Security Forces
Flash speeders, Gian speeders, Naboo N-1 starfighters


Padmé Amidala


When Padmé served as Queen of Naboo, she led a contingent of security forces in a bold attempt to retake her palace from the Trade Federation forces that had invaded her planet.

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Captain Panaka

Captain Panaka

During the Battle of Naboo, Captain Panaka was the leader of the Royal Naboo Security Forces. Though he had every confidence of the soldiers under his command, he did not think they could be a match for a droid army programmed for destruction.

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Gungan Grand Army

Grand Army

Naboo is a peaceful planet. Its sole standing army belongs to the natives of the planet -- the Gungan Grand Army. The Security Forces are dwarfed by the size of the Gungan military.

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Ric Olié

Ric Olié

Ric Olié was the best pilot of the Space Fighter Corp of the Naboo Security Forces. He personally piloted the Queen's starships and led Bravo Flight in the Battle of Naboo.

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