The County General
The County General
936 Queen Street West, Toronto

Great food, delicious drinks, with a side of rockin' music and superior hospitality.

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Saturday & Sunday
10am – 4pm

Autumn Vegetable Fritata 16

Crispy Onions, Fresh Herbs

Eggs Benedict 15

English Muffin, Pulled Pork

Soft Poached Egg, Daily Hollandaise

Brisket Sweet Potato Hash 16

Grainy Mustard Mornay, Caramelized Onion

Walnuts, Fried Egg

Caesar Sausage Arepa 14

Jeff’s Caesar Spiced Sausage

Sour Cream, Salsa Verde

6 oz. County Burger 15


Mayonnaise, Pickles

Fried Chicken Thigh Sandwich 14

Buttermilk Chicken, Avocado Chutney

Coriander, Pickled Red Onion

Add To Anything

Bacon 2   Fried Egg 2   Cheese 2

Sides And Sweets

Seasonal Fruit Parfait 8

Granola, Red Masala Brown Sugar,

Goat Milk Yogurt

Fries 4

House Ketchup

County Salad 8

Peanuts, Seasonal Vegetables

Croutons, Cheddar, Shallot Dressing

Chocolate Chip Pancakes 4

Tres Leche


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