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White House: 375,000 visits to health care website

The White House says the government’s health care website received 375,000 visitors on Monday by noon. That’s a surge in use on the first business day since Obama administration officials declared that the government’s beleaguered online insurance service was now able to accommodate a vast majority of users.

First in family values? How a White House image could change perceptions

The Obamas represent just one view and one example of what a successful African American family looks like; given the country’s history, it’s both ordinary and revolutionary.


White House claims success on HealthCare.Gov

The Obama administration says its health-care Web site has improved, but it's yet to be seen if the site is capable of handling peak demand.

The White House says it met its Obamacare goal. There’s still more work ahead.

Much of the work so far has focused on the front-end of the system. We know less about how the back-end is functioning.

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White House: Significant progress made via CNN


White House: On track for health care website goal

(Jon Elswick / Associated Press)

The Obama administration says it will meet its self-imposed deadline of fixing the troubled health care website so that 50,000 people can log in at the same time starting late Saturday. Yet questions remain about the stability of the site, the volume of traffic it can handle and the quality of the data it is delivering to insurers.


Obama reveals $100 million HIV research initiative

(Evan Vucci / Associated Press)

President Barack Obama has announced a new initiative at the National Institutes of Health in pursuit of a cure for HIV.

MSNBC panelist: Obama administration ‘most hostile’ to media

Justice Department ‘moves’ plus photographer-access issues spell un-transparency, says commentator.


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