It is truly amazing that the total amount of gold ever mined is such a small quantity, this is the reason why gold is so expensive.

The annual worldwide gold production weighs in at about 50 million troy ounces but how much is this?

If you melt it all down and turn it into a cube of gold, it will measure approx. 14 feet each side. In other words, all of the gold produced worldwide in one year could just about fit in the average person's living room.

However, regardless of its small size - this cube weighs 1,555,210 kilograms and at approx. £34,000 per kilo, it represents a substantial amount of money.

The best estimate at the end of 2011 is that around 165,000 metric tons (or tonnes) have been mined in all of human history. Given that an Olympic swimming pool is 50 by 25 by 2 meters. It therefore contains 2,500 cubic meters of water. Each cubic meter of water is one metric ton.

Gold is 19.3 times as dense as water and as such an Olympic swimming pool would contain 48,250 metric tons of gold.

That means in the whole of history all the gold that has ever been mined would only fill 3.42 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Platinum is even more scarce than gold. Only 3.6 million troy ounces are produced per year. Its specific gravity is 21.45, and it was discovered in the 18th century, not in 3,000 B.C. If you assume that the world has produced 3.6 million ounces per year for 50 years to estimate the total worldwide supply, all of the platinum in the world would fit in a cube that is 6.3 meters (about 20 feet) on a side.

In other words, all of the platinum in the entire world would easily fit in the average home!