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    Sam Breadon

    Sam Breadon from the Chronology

    Oct 6, 1955 - The Cards name Frank "Trader" Lane as their new GM‚ succeeding Richard Meyer‚ who doubled as a Card official and an executive with Anhauser-Busch. Meyer is named Executive veep. Yesterday‚ Vice-President Bill Walsingham resigned after 29 years with the team. He was the nephew of one-time owner Sam Breadon.

    May 10, 1949 - Longtime Cardinal owner Sam Breadon dies. Robert Hannegan‚ the man to whom he sold the club‚ will die October 6.

    Nov 25, 1947 - Sam Breadon sells the Cardinals empire to Postmaster General Robert Hannegan and Fred Saigh. The price is in excess of $4 million with the new owners getting the Cardinals players‚ physical assets‚ 16 minor league franchises‚ $2.1 million in reserve funds and payment on a new ballpark site‚ 4 minor league parks‚ and the lease on Sportsman's Park. Breadon had first acquired an interest in the Cardinals in 1917 and bought control in 1920 for an investment of $350‚000.

    May 8, 1947 - A movement among Cardinal players to protest its first meeting with Jackie Robinson and the Dodgers is aborted by a clubhouse talk from owner Sam Breadon. According to a story by writer Stanley Woodward‚ League president Ford Frick had warned the team that if a strike occurred‚ any player involved would be suspended. Cardinal manager Eddie Dyer denies there was any strike talk. The Cards win 5-1‚ for their 2nd win in a row.

    May 23, 1945 - Mort Cooper is traded by the Cardinals to the Braves. The three-time 20-game winner has twice jumped the club in a salary hassle. Threatening to run out again unless his contract is increased from $12‚000 to $15‚000‚ Cooper is swapped by owner Sam Breadon to the newly affluent Braves for Red Barrett and $60‚000 cash. Cooper will develop arm trouble while Barrett‚ 9-16 in 1944‚ will win 21 games for the Cards this season.

    Nov 1, 1942 - Larry MacPhail enters the army and the Dodgers look to St. Louis for leadership. After 2 decades in St. Louis‚ Branch Rickey splits with owner Sam Breadon. He will sign to become GM at Brooklyn.

    Sep 1, 1942 - The 2nd place Cardinals match Brooklyn by recalling OF Irv Dusak. Cards' owner Sam Breadon responds‚ "They can have their Newsom‚ but I'd rather have Dusak. He has been one of the most sought-after players in the minor leagues." Dusak‚ however‚ hits just .185.

    Jun 7, 1940 - With the Cardinals starting badly (14-24)‚ owner Sam Breadon fires Ray Blades as manager. Bill Southworth is brought back from Rochester to replace him. Mike Gonzales is the interim manager until Southworth arrives.

    Jun 18, 1927 - It's Charles Lindbergh Day in St. Louis as the transatlantic flyer helps raise the Cardinals NL pennant before a 6-4 win over the Giants. Rogers Hornsby makes his first appearance in St. Louis since the big trade of last fall and Cards owner Sam Breadon picks today to raise the pennant and hand out Series rings. The Rajah has a double in the game‚ off Pete Alexander‚ but Jim Bottomley's 3-run homer for the Cards offsets that.

    Apr 8, 1927 - Four days before the season opens‚ NL club representatives meet to resolve the question of the Giants Rogers Hornsby retaining his shares of stock in the St. Louis Cardinals. After a lengthy meeting‚ Hornsby breaks the impasse by agreeing to sell his stock in the Cardinals for $100‚000‚ plus $12‚000 for legal fees. He receives $86‚000 from Cards' owner Sam Breadon‚ $2‚000 from each of the other 7 NL clubs‚ and an extra $12‚000 from the Giants.

    Dec 20, 1926 - In probably the biggest player-for-player trade to date‚ Rogers Hornsby is traded from the Cardinals to the New York Giants for Frankie Frisch and P Jimmy Ring. Hornsby‚ after 12 years in St. Louis‚ will play for 3 teams in the next 3 years. Hornsby and owner Sam Breadon had had an increasingly stormy relationship‚ and feelings between Frankie Frisch and John McGraw were equally as bad. Thirty years later‚ Hornsby will call the trade "the biggest disappointment in my life."

    Jun 11, 1925 - Four days after his average tops .400‚ Rogers Hornsby buys 1‚167 shares in the Cardinals at $42.85 a share. Hornsby pays $5‚000 in cash and borrows the rest from the bank with owner Sam Breadon endorsing his note. Breadon retains the right to buy back the stock at 6% interest.

    May 30, 1925 - Between games today‚ Rogers Hornsby is named manager of the Cardinals by Sam Breadon‚ replacing Branch Rickey‚ who remains as general manager. An angry Rickey will sell his shares in the team to Hornsby. St. Louis‚ in last place‚ drops two games to Pittsburgh‚ losing 4-1 in the morning and 15-5 in the P.M. contest‚ despite two homers by the new manager. Playing in front of an overflow crowd at spacious Forbes Field‚ the Pirates sets a modern NL record by stroking 8 triples in the 2nd game; the Cards tally one for a combined record-tying 9 triples. The normal rules about balls hit into the crowds being ground-rule doubles is expanded to make them triples today: eight of the three-baggers are ground-rule triples.

    May 8, 1922 - Sam Breadon buys controlling interest-72%-in the Cardinals. He and Branch Rickey‚ who owns the rest of the stock‚ will combine to create one of baseball's most successful operations. Breadon demotes Rickey to veep‚ but allows him to remain as field manager.

    Mar 9, 1922 - Rogers Hornsby signs a three-year contract with Cards owner Sam Breadon calling for $18‚500 per season. This makes the young star the highest paid player in NL history.

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