History and passion

We helped football club Shakhtar enter a new era.






Shakhtar, one of the historical clubs in Eastern Europe, based in Donetsk, Ukraine, wanted to increase its role in international football (soccer in the U.S.) and its influence on the development of football in Ukraine. While the club’s Academy, team, sports medicine center, and five-star stadium (selected to co-host the 2012 European Championship) reflected its pursuit of excellence, its image did not.

We helped the Club develop a comprehensive strategy aimed at changing the football community's perceptions of the Shakhtar brand. Our vision would rightly position Shakhtar as the ambassador of Ukrainian football in the world.

We conducted an extensive management and team interview program, which we evaluated alongside Shakhtar’s research on current and potential supporters. This led to the consolidation of the Shakhtar brand’s vision, mission, values, and essence. The message of “Beyond boundaries” and the values of youth, loyalty, determination and knowledge guided the creation of the new identity.

The logo we designed capitalizes on the origin of the club as a coalminers’ team (Shakhtar means “miner” in Ukrainian) and emphasizes the team’s importance to Ukraine. Through symbolic imagery and colors, it also reveals the “flame of passion” that drives the club’s supporters, players, and officials. The logo’s aggressive shape is a courageous break from the standard shapes of the football industry. It was also the stepping stone for the development of the Donbass Arena stadium identity.

The new strategy and identity were launched through an event and press conference in Donetsk at the end of 2007. The club’s refreshed site hosts a number of multimedia events aimed at explaining the brand’s philosophy, and the symbols embedded in the new identity. Less than two years later, Shakhtar became the first Ukrainian club to win an international tournament, its brand entering the football Olympus.