World Class

The University of Notre Dame sponsors one of the most recognized athletic programs in the world, fielding 26 Varsity teams, 13 for men and 13 for women, 24 of which compete in the Atlantic Coast Conference. Excellently coached, our varsity athletes have won 27 National Championships, with 11 in football, 8 in fencing, 2 in men’s tennis, 3 in women’s soccer, 1 each in men’s cross country, women’s basketball, and men’s golf. Proud to embrace the term “student-athlete,” Notre Dame is second all-time with 231 Academic All-Americans, including 41 in the past six years.



With 30 club sports teams and 57 intramural sports from which to choose, an active Recreational Sports Office, several gyms, a boxing tournament held each winter, and the world’s largest 5-on-5 basketball tournament held each spring, non-varsity athletes at Notre Dame are no less active. Generally, 75% of Notre Dame students lettered in a high school varsity sport, and whether running around the lakes, shooting hoops after dark, or lifting weights at the Rock, students find keeping fit necessary to peak performance in all areas of their life.


The “Fighting Irish” of Notre Dame love sport, not just because we enjoy the adrenaline rush of victory, but because by cheering on fellow members of our family we build community. By loudly singing the fight song together we show unity. By swaying together during the alma mater we demonstrate our loyalty to the players on the field, to the relationships we have with each other, and to Notre Dame, the beloved place we call home.