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Best Strategy Game
Publisher:  2K Games
Developer:  Firaxis

Why It Rocked:   While we had plenty of clear winners for 2005's game of the year genre awards, no other title swept a category as completely as Civilization IV did. Simply put, if you played this game, you loved it. The basic concepts of the celebrated empire-building game have all been retained but they've been made more convenient and comprehensible. Better still, the developers have managed to maintain the depth and flexibility that's made the series so addictive. Though multiplayer has always been kind of an afterthought in the world of Civilization, Civilization IV includes fantastic, irresistible online play right out of the box; we're still playing online matches till the wee hours of the morning. The series' gameplay has always been first rate and this fourth version finally has a presentation to match. The graphics are lively and colorful and the sound effects and music add a ton of personality to the game. It's no exaggeration to say that no other strategy game has captivated us so completely or given us greater satisfaction over the past year.

Advance Wars Dual Strike
Age of Empires III