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Best Strategy Game
Publisher:  2K Games
Developer:  Firaxis

Why It Rocked:   Few franchises dominate a genre so clearly as Civilization. For nearly 15 years it's been the final word in turn-based strategy. Faced with the creation of a sequel, most developers would be satisfied to add a little more content and a few graphic updates before slapping a new number on the box. Civilization IV is a fundamental reinvention of the game. Though the developers have adhered to the basic concepts that made the franchise so successful in the past, they've taken an ax to the interface concepts that have dominated the game since 1991. With a much more efficient, readable interface, gamers are now free to spend their time actually worrying about their overall strategy. That the developers could manage to create a game that's every bit as deep and detailed as before but plays out in less than half the time is reason enough to love the game. Happily, the game also finally has a visual and audio presentation good enough to support the gameplay. A lively game map and thrilling score make the whole experience even more enjoyable.

Empire Earth II

Civilization IV