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The belief in God through human reason and an objective view of the natural world is synonymous with science explained as any systemised branch of knowledge drawn from objective observation and experiment.  In chemical science, hydrogen is the simplest element of all and along with all the other elements makes up a material Universe in which lifeforms are able to exist in.  It is due to the chemical reactivity happening between those  same materials that life lives.  If the scientifically interpreted Universe,  summed up in all its dimensions, is held to be the one Supreme Being then the Universe is just another word and synonym for a pantheistic God.  A purely scientific secular pantheist will uphold as fact exactly the same as an atheist does, that is, if atheism implies a belief in pure science solely as it is sometimes understood.  Atheism actually means believing that God does not exist and nessecitates a God to not believe in as a belief system.  This all sounds rather negative and possibly confrontational by the religious, believers in God.  The prefix  'a' in atheism implies a not or without of theism, the belief in a God or Gods  who  are supernaturally revealed.  Advocating faith obtained from  reasoned provable fact  instead of faith derived through divine revelation does in itself also not utilise theism.  Theism though, has served the purpose of promoting order in human social  structures, telling in detail and myth an historical account of the time, when no other explanation could be given for biological existence from the then observed natural phenomena.  Theism, having set the foundations stones for  an organised and relatively stable human culture, was able to provide the platform from where natural phenomena could be recorded and empirically evaluated leading to all the diciplines inclusive of natural science.  So, an atheist  is someone who does not beleive in God, not necessarily beleiving in science and an 'a'theist  is someone who does not practice theism, which may well correspond to being a  science pantheist. 

If there ever was a scientifically pantheistic 'prophet',  it could be said to be none other than Dmitri Mendeleyev.  With the creation of the periodic table of elements in 1869 he proved without any doubt, using mathematics, that material reality exists  by predicting the properties of elements before they had been discovered.  Thus, he discovered laws that govern the existence of our physical universe, not written by a subjective human hand or exobiologically other, but rather that came to be independently of a perceptive living conscious organism wherever in the Universe.   In the Universe  an interactive, internally perceptive living unconscious or conscious organism is that same Universe aware of itself.  Actually, the  mathematical decimal system being used  nowadays globally  is based upon the Hindu numeral system which was in retrospect later adopted and improved upon by the Moslems, eventually  acquired and updated by the Europeans and then the whole world.  Even though humans can undeniably prove the existence of matter there has been much in our species psychology, especially in the realm of crime, that has denied reality.  There are those amongst us, parasitical in nature, who would willing to live off the efforts of others solely focused on their own preservation at the cost of ruining the lives of the more functional citizen.   By substituting reality with unrealities which have no bearing with what is scientifically provable whole nations have been incited to mass murder without good reason like in the case of Adolf Hitler.   He became more powerful because of his own deluded belief system by the lack of virtue of having loyal followers whose own self delusions were able to be actualised thanks to their dependancy on him.  Hitler was a leader of a troop of psychotic troupes. In contrast a pickpocket knowingly camouflages the fact that he/she is stealing from the host victim whilst inventing the unreality that the theft is not taking place.  They are not self deluded about their own actions, but by motives if there is a democratic social sytem that cares for those economically impoverished.  On the otherhand the Nazis stole people's entire lives but beleived in the dogmas that drove them to do so. Both involve mentally or/and physically forcing will on others to their expense and the related dependant unwarranted psychological attachments.  Both work hand in hand being seditiously antisocial within a community, therefore covertly and in different complementary hierarchal capacities.  Those few secretly entrenched around the more powerful echelons of society will take advantage of their status to affect those whom do not conform to a dysfunctional social organisation, utilizing their hierarchical minions.  Democratic order by the masses is always more powerful since order is more long term productive than  the short term violent disorder hoarding that parasitic gain of the few derives at somebody else's generative existential experience loss.



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