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SUBVURT…BORDERS! 21/09 7:30pm-1: 30am Saki Bar

21/09 7:30pm-1: 30am Saki Bar, 2 Wilmslow rd, Rusholme

While the Labour Party conference barricades itself into the GMEX with
tanks and armed guards. Manchester No Borders and the Subvert Crew invite
you to party for a world without borders, states and war and to celebrate
the diverse counter culture in our city!! A night of bands, DJ’s,
poetry, magic, films and food. featuring: The Autonomads, Stray Dog Café
and Lunar Coup (more TBC).

Future Action

The Basement at 24 lever Street is still unsafe (and somewhat minging) after the fire last year. At the last collective meeting consensus was we want a social centre back in manchester and we are aiming to move back to the refurbished and fully accessible premises as soon as we can. We have won the legal dispute with the landlord re: tenancy issues (for full minutes of the meeting please email

NEW last...

sorry this site hasn't been updated much, that's mostly because things have been going on behind the scenes at a very frustrating pace and we've been mired in a world of tenancy rights and roof repairs.

however, many people remain positive and commited to the idea of a social centre in manchester and now, finally, we will know what is happening to 24 lever street and when / how / if we will be moving back in.

come along and find out the latest - and get involved in our resurrection - at a meeting next monday

The Basement is rising like a phoenix....

The Basement is rising like a pheonix....
What should it be like when it reopens? How can you make it happen? Does Manchester need a social centre?
Please come along to a special meeting to discuss what we are going to do...
Monday 26th November,
6.30-9.00pm at the Friends Meeting House, Mount Street
We’ve been contacted by the landlord of 24 Lever Street about changes that have to be made to the building due to new fire regulations. This gives up the opportunity to
  • Start somewhere new and build on what the basement achieved
  • Renegotiate the deal at Lever Street (probably; we are taking legal advice)
  • Give up on the idea of a Manchester social centre
  • Do something else!

Basement Overview

The Basement is a social centre in Central Manchester with a vegan cafe, library, bookshop, computer hub, meeting venue and exhibition space.
The Basement is a place for all those who are sick of Manchester's polluted streets and corporate takeover, angered by wars, environmental damge, animal abuse and mainstream media lies. People who want to turn the world upside down to start making things better.

REOPENING and fundraisers: news update

work has finally begun on the roof of 24 Lever Street (the start was apparently delayed due to the heavy rain and the failure of next door to remove their portacabin)

the landlord has put in writing that work on the whole building will take approx 5 months but that we will be able to get back in earlier than most tenants due to having a seperate entrance


Phoenix-fest Fundraiser

NEWS UPDATE - a longer closure than expected

Some bad news I'm afraid. Although The Basement is structurally sound and in good spirits the fire damage sustained by the rest of 24 Lever Street was much more severe than we were originally told. Most significantly the top two floors were gutted by fire
and office above us was waterlogged. Their floorboards (ie our ceiling) needs totally replacing.

Clear up and access update

We should have access to the Basement from Tuesday 22nd May. This means that it is full steam ahead with repairs and cleaning up so that the Basement can open up again as soon as possible.

There is a meeting at the Castle pub on Monday 21st at 7. This will probably move down to the Basment to assess what needs to be done - so if you are late, try there.

Further updates will be put on this website, and emailed out to the general list.

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