News: celebrates 13 years of publishing original philosophy on the web since May 20th, 1999


The Original Promethean Website

is about making a new future.

is about life, and freedom, and diverse individuality.

is about metamorphosis — recreating ourselves and society.

is about becoming the heroes and heroines who can change everything. was created to found the Promethean movement and its original philosophy Prometheanism.

Promethea publishes thoughtful writing, original Promethean philosophy, intellectual and creative work, such as The Promethean Trilogy.

The Promethean movement is dedicated to advancing human life through self-expression, augmented by authentic freedom, experimentality and individualism.

The philosophy of Prometheanism opposes repression, orthodoxy, and collectivism, valuing the liberated and realized person instead.

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• Includes all-new signature essay, Rising in Walls

• The first printed anthology of Promethean writing

• Edited with new footnotes, and classic layout for easy reading

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