5 reasons to change your default map template

These are a few questions that our new Streets & Trips users ask when they start using the product.

  • How can I customize my trip Start/End times?
  • How can I save automatic rest stops?
  • How do I save custom driving Speed adjustments?
  • How can I save fuel consumption and tank capacity?
  • How to save Custom fuel cost values?

To get them start using Streets like a Pro and to make use of the powerful template feature we decided to create this post.

If you go to the ‘More route options’ window by clicking the <More options> button, then you will see a series of tabs. Each of these tabs (except segments) lets you customize your route information based on your trip needs


Say for example,  you wanted to set your custom values for Fuel costs and also include refuel warnings on your trips then you change the values under the Fuel tab according to your needs and click <OK>, likewise for other tabs.


Now, select ‘Save’ from the File menu. And change the ‘Save as type’ field to be ‘Map template (*.stt)

Create a copy of the original New North American Map (right-click on New North American Map, choose copy, Ctrl_V to paste it with a new name)

Now single-click on the New North American Map (this will populate the ‘File name’ text box with the correct name of the default template).

click <Save>.


You have now successfully created your very first custom Streets & Trips template file. Every time you launch Streets, it will open with this new default template.   Now you won’t need to edit the mileage or other route preferences each time you plan a trip.

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