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Aqua Pro Roof Cleaning Professionals


PLEASE NOTE: NEVER USE A PRESSURE WASHING COMPANY TO CLEAN YOUR ROOF. Using a pressure washer of any type on a roof, can shorten the life span of the roof by 5 to 10 years & often damange it



Taking good care of your roof is important to save in saving you $$$ in energy costs and early roof replacement. Our service will allow you to have those unsightly black stains, green moss, fungus and rust stains removed from your roof. The benefit is you are saving a small fortune on costly and quite often, not needed roof replacement!

If you are looking at selling your home OR NOT you are returning the curb appeal back to your home, adding much more value from the buyers point of view as your home now looks much more appealing to a new buyer and you are ensuring your home stands out from the competition.


We can easily find out by doing a quick survey of your roof and ascertain the damage being done and how it can quickly and easily be fixed.

As algae and fungus continues to grow on your roof, it eats away at the base line of the shingles, expands and contracts with the outside temperature. This growth and movement loosens the granules, creating a premature granule lose, dramatically shortening the life of your roof by half!!

A 25 year roof may not EVEN last you 15 years if nothing is done to help protect it. A Fungus covered roof not only is a horrible eyesore as I am sure you will agree but did you know its also very unhealthy as well. Ask yourself do you want fungus spores all over your home and in your house too!? Also, ask yourself what about those people with allergies in your family too this isn't good for their health!

In addition to all this, the fungus and moss on your roof keeps under the roof temperatures a lot higher by preventing the reflective capabilities of the granules from doing their job correctly and while this might should great in the winter months! This only acts to make your air conditioner work a lot harder adding more expense in repair bills and an increase in your electric bills, sometimes as much as several hundred dollars or more a year depending on your home size.

We All Love Facts - Here Are A Few...

Those unsightly black stains ARE NOT caused by the tar in the shingle running down your roof but by nature at work
The stains are not your roof falling apart and you need a new roof!
Usually most roof stains are caused by algae or fungus growing on your roof
The northern or western sides of the roof are where these stains are usually found. These areas typically have a lot of morning condensation and do not get much sunlight giving the algae and fungus a great breathing ground to grow and all the moisture source it needs!
Roof algae causes damage to your roof by destroying the inorganic materials found in the shingles that is holding them together. The bottom line being it decreases the life of your shingles which in turn will end up costing you in the many thousands for a new roof or repairs.
Even though roof algae is the most common, other fungus like lichen are very fast growing and sometime hard to spot. Lichen is known to cause granular damage in as little as 3 to 4 years!

So Where Does The Algae come From?


FACT: Nature or from the time your roof was first installed
FACT: It also gets deposited by the wind and wildlife that rest on your roof
FACT: If your roof is around 8 to 10 years old the materials and composition of your shingles is different than the composition of older shingles.
FACT: Newer shingles contain limestone as a filler to give the shingle more weight, older shingles use asphalt for this purpose

Roof algae that is growing on your roof loves to feed on the limestone. So basically the roof algae is using your shingles as its food source.

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