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GutterStuff Pro is protected by a flame retardant latex.

It installs snugly into your gutters, is not visible from the street level so does not diminish the curb appeal of your home!

 Water Flows Through, Leaves Blow Away
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GutterStuff®Pro, is the original Patented Foam Filter Insert, which prevents leaves and large debris from entering and clogging your gutters, while allowing all the rainwater to flow through the gutter system, rapidly.


This original, simple, and innovative concept which was first developed and brought to market by Gutter Stuff Inc. has been a huge success with homeowners throughout The USA, Canada, and now Europe and various other countries worldwide.


GutterStuff®Pro provides superior gutter protection against leaves, twigs, and other clogging agents. Its soft texture cannot be dented or damaged by falling branches. It remains snug and unseen in the gutter while keeping the homeowner safely on the ground.


GutterStuff®Pro also provides tremendous benefits to homeowners in winter as it does not freeze. With a 97% void capability and its heat absorbing ability, Snow and Ice cannot block it up. Whenever snow melts into the gutter, it will filter out and continue to flow through the system.


GutterStuff®Pro prevents your gutters from becoming the anchor for Ice damming, thus helping to eliminate costly roof damage. It can also reduce the occurrence of icicles hanging from the gutter.


Performance and Durability


GutterStuff®Pro is protected throughout by a flame retardant Latex coating which provides long life and complete outdoor protection and durability. The coating enhances the foams durability by “Rubberizing” it from top to bottom and protecting it from UV and environmental degradation without impeding the filtering and flow capability of the product. The product also contains a germicide package to inhibit biological growth within the foam.


GutterStuff®Pro is manufactured to the highest technical standards from the manufacturing Plant, through fabrication, to the thorough coating process.


GutterStuff®Pro demonstrates the highest degree of consistency and effectiveness in the industry and is backed by a 25 year performance warranty.


GutterStuff®Pro is available in all of the most common gutter profiles and can also be custom made for most any industrial, commercial, or unique project.


GutterStuff®Pro is easy to install - it is not screwed to the roof or the gutter lip. It either slides into the gutter under the spikes or hangers, or it can be trimmed to fit over the hangers. It can be installed into Half Round gutters with any common gutter sealer.


Because GutterStuff®Pro is attached only to the gutter, it can be used with equal ease on any roof type: shingle, tile, slate, and even on flat roofs. Anywhere a gutter is hung is a good place for GutterStuff®Pro. 



We have recently had the gutter protection installed on our house. We are very pleased with the results after several rain storms. The workers who installed the product did an excellent job. We like the fact that it's not visible from the ground and that we'll never have to climb ladders and clean gutters again!! We highly recommend the gutter product, great price!


- Tony & Judy Pleviak, Shaywood -



Great product and even better installation people, very friendly. Gutterstuff Pro solved our problems, the Gutter Helmet could NOT!!!


And Gutterstuff Pro was more than half the cost!!


- Mr & Mrs, Kevin Lynch, Overland Park, Kansas -



Our gutters were running over and causing erosion around our front steps. We have so many trees that it was hard to keep them clean. We no longer have that problem. We were very happy with the quick service and minimum cost.


- Gary Dick, Topeka, Kansas -



I was impressed! They left my house as clean as when they came and I just love my new gutter protection system.


- Dee, Overland Park, Kansas -



Very friendly and helpful crew. They worked around my schedule and I am very happy with their service. This new Gutterstuff Pro product really works and is the best!!


- Colin Williams, Overland Park, Kansas -



I rate Gutterstuff Pro product very highly. I had it installed a few months ago on my house and I am extremely happy with it. No more leaves or having to worry about my downspout's clogging anymore. I highly recommend it! Great Company, friendly crew.


- Brian, Olathe, Kansas -



I recently had 21st Century Gutter Protection (Aqua Pro) install Gutterstuff Pro on my home. I am very impressed with the price and function of this product. The crew showed up on time (rare these days) and began the job of cleaning out my gutters which was a big job! and installed the Guterstuff Pro.


Cleaning my gutters was completely FREE!! The crew were very polite and professional. They worked hard with few breaks on a very hot day. We had a minor concern the next day so the Owner, Martin and his wife Lisa, came out personally to address our concerns within an hour of us calling them. We really appreciate their willingness to make sure we were completely satisfied with the job. We are delighted with the product and service and would recommend the product to anyone!!


- Janelle McCoy, Overland Park, Kansas -



After a recent tornado we replaced our roof and gutter protection (Gutter Helmet). After much research, I chose Gutterstuff Pro for our job. It's been nearly a month since we had them installed and I couldn't honestly be more happy. We've had a couple of good steady rains during that time and the product has performed beautifully.


About 2 years ago I had Gutter Helmet installed at nearly twice the cost AND FRANKLY was delighted to have a tornado give me an excuse to get rid of the things!! They simply do not work! Water simply rolled off the edge of the protection directly onto the ground. I was very unsatisfied with the product and also horrified to find that during installation they nailed the product directly over the first row of shingles adding numerous punctures in my roof that begged for trouble - DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON ANYTHING ELSE!


Gutterstuff Pro, on the other hand has performed beautifully as advertised and is not visible in any way from the street. Out of sight out of mind and working beautifully.


I personally HIGHLY recommend the product for its low cost, effectiveness and truly novel maintenance free approach to solving your gutter cleaning problems.


I've seen nothing else like it on the market and give it my highest possible recommendation!!!


- Dale Ganz, Manhattan -



I had Gutter Protection installed recently and couldn't be happier. The Owner who is British was very professional, polite and helpful. I recommend them highly!!


- Dave Orrel, Leawood, Kansas -



I would recommend this company to anyone they are highly professional and turned up on time! They ensured I was 100% happy before leaving and took great care around our friendly 2 dogs outside who loved them!! THEY DESERVE TO DO REALLY WELL I will be using their window cleaning service next year too!


- Colin Burgess, Shawnee, Kansas -



Really friendly and hard workers. Thank you Aqua Pro I now don't have to worry about my husband cleaning out the gutters again!!


- Jane Keeley, Overland Park, Kansas -



If you are looking for a reasonable price gutter protection system I would recommend you look into Gutterstuff Pro!!. I did plenty of research and hired Aqua Pro to install the product for me after reading the many wonderful testimonials they have received and spoken to a couple of friends who continue to use them!.


- Pat Bennett, Topeka, Kansas -


I love it and Aqua Pro installed it within days due to our concerns with the recent weather. It has Worked great.


You really do get what you pay for and my wife and I are glad we got this. I will recommend this product to all my friends.


- Dave, Missouri -