Saturday , 7 December 2013
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Nikolic: Very close to an agreement with Kosovo

Serbia`s top officials met with the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton in Brussels. Serbian president Tomislav Nikolić, Prime Minister Ivica Dačić and First Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić said before meeting that EU should push Kosovo authorities to make compromise which would enable the forming of the Association of Serb municipalities in Kosovo with its executive and judicial powers. 

Kosovo side didn`t accept this Serbian demand by now. It seems like United States continues to support Kosovo`s position but Belgrade already indicated that Serbia wouldn`t give up on its legitimate interests.

“Serbia showed the will for a compromise in the talks with Priština authorities. We don`t have anything else to propose except the Kosovo independence and we will never do it. Everyone must know one thing: we won`t give up on our legitimate interests just to get a date for the start of EU membership. Don`t count on it”, said Dačić (Serbian PM).

Dačić repeated today that ”nothing less than an association of Serb municipalities with executive powers” would be accepted by Serbia. Serbian president Nikolić said that Priština`s attitude was totally unacceptable for Serbia. He added that EU must push Priština to make compromise. Otherwise, it would be signal that EU doesn`t want Serbia to become EU member:

“If they offer us a paper that contains transcribed laws that have been made in Priština in the meantime, without any consideration of Serbia’s rights, if it becomes clear from that paper that they almost recognize Kosovo as a state, while not taking Serbian into account, then that will mean that the EU does not want us as its member, after all,” Nikolić stated.

After the meeting Serbian president Nikolić said that he expected that agreement between Serbia and Kosovo would be made in the following 10 days.

“I am more optimistic after this meeting. We made some good progress. EU understands the position of Serbia and it seems like Priština is finally ready for some compromise. The Association of Serb municipalities in Kosovo will have some executive and judicial powers. It won`t be able to make laws but it will have right to make rules which will be used for organization and functioning of the Association”, said Nikolić.

He thinks that Serbia now has done everything to get date for the start of EU membership.

According Nikolić, the Agreement between Serbia and Kosovo will be signed on March, 20 or 28.

If this really happen, it would be great step forward in relationsheeps between Serbia and Kosovo and it would also bring Serbia much closer to the EU membership.

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