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Welcome to IOA of IT Telkom

Welcome to the  Website for  the International Office Admission (IOA)  of   Telkom Institute of Technology (IT Telkom), Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. We have  designed this site as a  resource for  international  students  who would like to learn more about  academic programs, interesting  activities at our institute and Indonesian culture.

In line with the fast growing of  world change,  we realize that educational  institutions   interdependently connected with the global market.

Hence,  Telkom Institute of Technology continually attempt to maximize  the  educational opportunities for Indonesian students to study overseas. Particularly for internasional student to study in Indonesia. Also, open the opportunity to learn and will be inspired.

The purpose of International Office is to improve the quality of education, as well as the quality of IT Telkom's graduates toward  World-Class University. Today, through our starategic goals we seek to :

  1. Organize an international programs.
  2. Promote  academic quality by building distinguished faculty.
  3. Expand educational opportunities, including  international affair or  diplomacy education.
  4. Develop the  culture of research.
  5. Open an opportunity for  foreign students to get insights of  Indonesian culture.
  6. Enrich  our learning environment by supporting  a more diverse student body.
  7. Produce and promote creative  innovation through colaboration between local and international student.
  8. Raise an internationally learning atmosphere.
  9. Contribute to the social and economic development of Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

Please contact us if we can assist you in learning more about IT Telkom and Indonesia.