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What we are dealing with at base is; what sort of document is this "Constitution" and what Law was it constructed in accordance with?

It was constructed in accordance with English Common Law. More specifically those laws established concerning Decent and Distribution The Statute of Uses, Statute Against Perpetuities, Statute on Trusts and others, ALL having to do with Estates and Inheritance matters.

What needed to be addressed is how the new Body Politic divided up the spoils of war. Among those spoils were well recognized "Rights" of Englishmen. From the basic Rights afforded every Free Englishman to the highest exclusive power of the Royal Family, it all needed to be distributed among the victors.

All these Rights were recognized as inheritable property. Personal Property Owned by the individual and passed on to their Heirs at death.

Problem, how to pass the Rights, Titles and Duties of an individual ( King and Nobles ) on to a body politic. The answer is via Trust.

The Constitution established an Estate in trust for the "Posterity". What is lost is Trustworthy Trustees of the Estate. The "elected" office holders are operating exclusively in their capacity of Office of Profit, having long forsaken their Office of Trust.


The Constitution is a Trust document, establishing an equitable interest in, and asset management for, specific inheritable Personal Property, comprised of everything the Crown lost in the War for Independence.

The personal property in question included the lands in America and the special Rights and Privileges of the Royal and Noble families. The Body Politic could not, individually own some of the Kings Royal Prerogatives.

Example : It would be foolish for me to declare war on Canada or appoint an Ambassador to Italy.

On the other hand there are certain  Sovereign Privileges which a single Sovereign should exercise.

Example : The Lord must have his Revenue.

Translate : No taxes on personal wages or gains. Period.


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