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Welcome to WeCan 2013 web-site!

WeCan 2013 is a second edition of a multi-platform demo-scene party, which is going to take place on 20-22nd of September in Lodz, Poland. This time we`ll be moving to a Broadway 18 club, located at Stefanowskiego 17 (corner of Radwańska street). Getting there from a bus station, train station or the nearby airport is a walk in the park!

A new real-time coding competition will be organised this year. Participants will be asked to write an interesting effect in a finite amount of  time. Programmers will be asked to create their entries in a tool similar to Shader Toy. The audience will have a chance to watch how the programs evolve with each iteration and will decide (live!) which entry wins in each turn. The competition will be held in a championship system, with 8 participants taking part in the beginning. The last one man standing will be the winner. We are currently in the process of negotiating the prize with the championship sponsor. You can assume participation will be worth the effort.

Here`s what you can expect:

* The location fits up to 800 people. It`s capacious, equipped with a plethora of sofas and tables. Party coding? Sure!;
* Smashing PA of a professional grade!
Concerts for those who love electronic music and more - we will soon share some details!
Big-screen at the heart of the party place!
Two LCD monitors showing organisational info and telling more about our sponsors;
Sleeping Room on the first floor with a big-screen view! Tired? Watch the competitions from within your sleeping bag!
* Feeling hungry? You can find some drinks and snacks (warm as well!) at the bar!
Audio/video stream for sofa sceners - give a warm wave to your parents/wife/kids/boss using one of the 3 on-site cameras!
* WeCan will be hosted completely in English - foreigners are whole-heartedly welcome!
* WiFi for the attendants!
* Demo-scene productions from previous years, played 24/7 (excluding concert/event/lecture time)

But wait, there`s more. We are happy to share information about prizes our sponsors have prepared for you. If you have already started to look for reasons why not to prepare a production for this year, we`ve got some bad news for you!:

* Winner chosen by sponsor - Samsung Galaxy Note 2 smartphone (thanks to: ARM);
* Winner chosen by sponsor - Samsung Series 3 WiFi Chromebook notebook (thanks to: ARM);
* Winner chosen by sponsor - 7" Android tablet with capacitive touch-screen (thanks to: ARM);
* The best executable production - NVIDIA GTX Titan video card (thanks to: NVIDIA);
* First place in real-time coding competition - NVIDIA GTX Titan video card (thanks to: NVIDIA);
* Chosen by sponsor - Native Instruments` Audio 2 DJ ext. sound card (thanks toSensitive Kemistry)
* Chosen by sponsor - Native Instruments` Guitar Rig Mobile I/O Audio Interface (Sensitive Kemistry)
* 3 Renoise licenses (thanks to: Renoise)
? - If you think your company might help us expand this list, please do get in touch!