1. Politics

    How to Close the Achievement Gap

    How to Close the Achievement Gap

    The achievement gap refers to the gap in educational outcomes between rich and poor kids (and sometimes among white and non-white students). The education reform movement is all about closing that gap. I am skeptical that marginally altering the schooling environment will do much on that front, but we can...

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  2. Economics

    A Trillion Dollar Dilemma

    A Trillion Dollar Dilemma

    Myopic insistence on discussing the symptoms rather than the disease cannot lead to solutions guaranteeing healthy growth in the long term. The public debate is starting to become permanently peculiar. Recently Paul Krugman decided to support the idea of minting a trillion dollar platinum coin, by saying that Barack Obama:...

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  3. War & Peace

    Misplaced Deliberation

    Misplaced Deliberation

    The discussion about the countries which need a political intervention is carefully biased.  President George W. Bush coined the term ‘axis of evil’ in his State of the Union Address on January 29, 2002. He then repeated it numerous times throughout his presidency, using it to describe countries which he...

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  4. Arts

    The Keystone Opposition

    The Keystone Opposition

    Dissecting the effectiveness of the arguments against the pipeline. I think running a campaign against the Keystone pipeline is a good thing. It is a tangible project that climate activists can use to bring attention to the the issue of climate change, attention badly needed. That is, Keystone has great...

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  5. Media

    Media, Government Target French Socialists

    Media, Government Target French Socialists

    Official state policies and official media positions rarely deviate, and a fine example of how deeply in lockstep they have become was published by the Washington Post on Tuesday. It is an absolute must-read: The government of new President Francois Hollande has veered between promises of reform and sometimes fiery...

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  6. Staff Blog

    White House Criticism and Race

    White House Criticism and Race

    Richard Wolffe “struck a racial chord” on MSNBC when he suggested that Republicans appear to exclusively criticize blacks and minorities in the administration. The liberal press, to generalize, has noted the statement as particularly controversial: What you’re seeing here is a war-by-proxy on the president, which is why he said ‘if...

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MSNBC‘s Weesie Vieira: The Firebrand Magazine recently posted a great review of Chris Hayes’ book “Twilight of the Elites,” saying that Chris’s discussion of American meritocracy and inequality “breaks away from the past without really trying, thus letting it recede and putting fresh theory into public discourse.” You can read the full review of “Twilight of the Elites” on The Firebrand’s website.

George Monbiot of The Guardian“Over the Christmas break I read what I believe is the most important environmental essay of the past 12 months. [...] In a simple and very short tract, Matt Bruenig presents a devastating challenge to those who call themselves libertarians, and explains why they have no choice but to deny climate change and other environmental problems.”

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Pawel Fiedor received a master’s degree from the University of Economics in Krakow, Poland, where he lives. Working in finance by day and fervidly writing by night, he’s devoted to the pursuit of truth and integrity by the exercise of sceptical inquiry. 

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Dan Nieman is a popular blogger, freelance writer and a reference librarian.  He holds a B.S. in history from Wayne State College and a M.A. from North American Baptist Seminary.

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