bathroom showers

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bathroom showers

Bathroom Showers

As a leading supplier of bathroom showers, Irving's Plumbing Supplies represents the best in complete shower systems. Ever since our ancestors first stood under a waterfall or poured a bucket of water over their head, the idea of showering has been an attractive method of bathing. The current technology behind showering is nothing short of astounding giving you unlimited comfort with beautiful design. Nowadays, you can install your own personal spa, a shower with body jets, with complete flow control, in locations where space is severely restricted. Whether you are remodeling or building a new bathroom for your home, choosing the right style of shower, door, stalls and bases for your project should be done carefully. Take your time - your options wil be unlimited and it is in your best interests to learn all that you can.

We have a wide selection of shower doors, shower stalls and bases, shower enclosures and faucets, that come in different styles, shapes, sizes and are made of different materials. Our suppliers include the following:

manhattan bathroom showersManhattan
A bathroom should be a place of relaxation and invigoration. Whether its the end of a hectic day, or the morning of an action packed day, Manhattan shower enclosures and bathscreens create the perfect bathing environment. With over 25 years of design expertise, the M2 series is a selection of high specification, technologically advanced shower enclosures and bathscreens. Only the very best quality materials are used in the manufacture of M2 and when combined with our ten year guarantee, ensures complete peace of mind when purchasing one of our products.

neptune bathroom showersNeptune
Nepture products offer unique ergonomic designs that are in tune with the client looking for luxurious comfort. Their offerings of baths and showers is no exception with the introduction of the exciting new Zen line of baths and showers. With its pure design and innovative look, it has quickly become one of our clientele's favourites.


tomlin bathroom showersTomlin
Pioneers in acrylic bathware, Tomlin has endeavored to maintain its reputation for remarkable expertise and outstanding innovation in tub and shower design. Take a look at their lastest design, the Senses, an innovative new series of showers distinquished by exceptional elegance and functionality. The Senses mult-piece shower units offer a showering space adapted to the pace imposed by the modern life style.


maax bathroom showersMaax
Maax is a North American leader in baths, kitchens and spas with a strong history of innovation, style and exceptional products. Explore our site and discover the range of complete solutions we offer to help make your life more enjoyable.



kohler bathroom showersKohler
Kohler shower modules range from 32" to 64" wide. Choose from bathtub/shower combination modules, or separate recessed or corner modules that will accommodate faucets on either side. Receptors are available from 32" to 60" wide and in shapes for installation with alcove or space-saving neo-angle enclosures.

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