Like Microsoft's AutoComplete, LetMeType helps you enter text, but regardless of the program you use. Running in the background, it analyses what you type. After some time it has collected enough information to guess a word after you have typed the first two or three letters. A list of the most probable words is displayed, and you can select one with a single keystroke or just continue typing. More...

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LetMeType is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

23 Jul 2006: Because I stopped using MS Windows a long time ago, I have finally decided to abandon LetMeType. The source code is available under the GPL, so anyone is free to continue its development.

Auf der Suche nach der deutschen Version?


Output word list to spell check


I really like this little program but how I wish I could output the list of words to a spell checking program. My brother uses LetMeType a lot and he can't spell very well. So a lot of words in the list are misspelled and it's very laborious to check the list manually inside LetMeType :-(

It would be great if there was an option to export the words to a plain text file.

Thanks for this great little program.

Rod J.

by Rod Jamieson, 01 Sep 2003

using letmetype as spellinghelper

the solution is to import a list in letmeType as you start; this list should be a very large list from an experienced user checked on spelling mistakes (open the text file in word and spell check); you also can use a large wordlist; in the settings dialog then you uncheck learn words, so there are no wrong words imported.
That will do the trick.
greetings Paul
some screenshots here (dutch text): http://members.chello.nl/~p.kavelaars/woordvoorspelling.htm

by paul kavelaars, 04 Nov 2003


Hi Carsten,

Just wanted to say 'Thanks!' for your fine program LetMeType.
It is one of the few programs I use every day and this for quite some time now.
Also thanks for making it available free of charge!

Kind regards
raimundo4u at yahoo dot com

by Eddy Van Esch, 24 Jun 2004


It's a beautiful programm voor dyslectic people (i.c. children!). Don't use in that case the option Learn Words!
Before using the programm I filled it with the large wordlist and another Dutch list. It works perfect. But in the classroom is the blieb tone irritating. A headtelephone doesn't help. But this is an minor point.

Rinze van Rossum

by R van Rossum, 28 Dec 2004

Re: beeping

The beeps are output via the internal speaker, so they cannot be turned off by changing the sound volume or connecting headphones. But there is an option under File - Preferences - Suggestions labelled "Sound". If you disable it, the beeps will stop.

by Carsten Clasohm, 29 Dec 2004

WinXP OnScreen Keyboard and LetMeType

I work with a person who has limited hand function and uses the OnScreen keyboard in WinXP with a mouse.  She has reported having conflicts with the OnScreen keyboard and LetMeType.  She may be using an older version of LMT.  Do you have any suggestions?
Dan Knowland

by Daniel Knowland, 06 Jan 2005


I love this little program, but I find I have to click to choose words because my laptop doesn't have a separate numerical keyboard.  How about making that aspect configurable in a future version  ?

by Lucy Georges, 19 Sep 2005

mrs. h. rouwenhorst

is it possible to get a dutch version of this program.
i couldn't find a dutch version of this or a similair program.
my mailadress is h.rouwenhorst1@chello.nl
greeting and thanks

by herma Rouwenhorst, 17 Oct 2005


is it possible to get a version of this wonderfull program for OS X?

by Alex Matrossow, 16 Apr 2006

foreign letters

Hi , and thanks for a great program! Can I include foreign Western European letters into the program? In my own case I need å, æ, and ø, and they don't show up in the list.
Alice Wolfe

by Alice Wolfe, 20 Apr 2006

Dual monitor support

Awesome program, thanks! I would like to request a new feature: My position is set up for caret, but the list only shows up on my primary monitor.

by Mark Stafford, 28 Mar 2007

minimize to tray on startup?

great app!
how to make it minimize to tray on startup?
so i dont have to keep on closing the app after bootup.

by d b, 03 Apr 2007

Re: minimize to tray on startup?

If you check the Properties of LetMeType's Start menu entry in the Autostart folder, you should see a drop-down list where you can set it to start minimized.

by Carsten Clasohm, 03 Apr 2007


Very useful application. There are one problem. This application can't recognize one Lithuanian letter, ž (capital letter OK). Maybe this problem can be solved?

by Vytautas Maciulis, 21 Apr 2007

Learn Words if "x" occurances

I would like the option of having the program learn a word only after the 2nd or 3rd time that I type it in.  That way, my list would not be filled up with some terms that I type in only once. Also, I would like a quick keyboard shortkey that would allow me to close the window that opens right on top of where I am typing and blocks my view.  I know that I can move the position to a fixed location, but most of the time I want the position right where I can see it (near where I am typing) so I have it now set at "caret".

by Anonymous Visitor, 21 Apr 2007


It is an excellent program, but it creates a space between words as we type and use suggest. For example I typed a word  Humpback Whales in MS Word and when I type Hu and LetMeType suggest Humpback but when I use LetMeType Suggestion it creates a space and shows like this Hu mpback Whales. This doesn't create a problem in the comment area here only in Office. Thanks. Chris.

by Anonymous Visitor, 04 Jul 2007

Keyboard input is sometimes not passed to application


I'm a translator and spend most of my days typing, typing, typing. So thanks for this precious little tool! There is only one problem: Sometimes the suggestions given by LetMeType are not inserted into the current application. When the corresponding number key is pressed, nothing at all happens. And two minutes later it works fine again. I've even tried switching keyboards, but with no success. Is there some hidden setting that might fix this behaviour?

Kind regards,

by Anonymous Visitor, 06 Jul 2007

strange behavior

I have two problems using letmetype 1.81 Sometimes the suggestion is not passed to the current application, and secondly, sometimes the follow-on suggestion screens are not displayed. Has anyone experienced this? Btw I'm using a laptop and winXP home edition.(I don't think this is important, but anyway.)


by Anonymous Visitor, 25 Jul 2007

No greece characters(unicode?) in word, openoffice ...

I can see the words but they arive in word wrong as you can see...

Είναι η καñäéÜ

by Anonymous Visitor, 11 Aug 2007


I work with the disabled and have been looking for a program like this for awhile.  Most of the commercial programs cost an "arm and a leg"

by Anonymous Visitor, 11 Sep 2007

Difficulty importing text

How do I import text?  I work with students with learning disabilities and would like to import correctly spelled words and disable the "learn text" feature. I tried several different ways without success.
Thanks for you help as this could be a very powerful program once I figure out how to import text.

by Anonymous Visitor, 07 Nov 2007

Not workin in Windows XP?

It learns words alright, but I can't seem to insert the suggestions no matter what I try -- tried different apps, text editor, web browser and switching to numpad, all to no avail...

by Anonymous Visitor, 14 Nov 2007

Re: Difficulty importing text

To import text, save it in a text file, and use the menu item File - Import Text.

The "learn text" feature can easily be switched off with menu item Settings - Learn Words.

by Carsten Clasohm, 18 Nov 2007

Re: Not workin in Windows XP?

The last time I tried, it worked perfectly well with WinXP. You might want to try version 1.8, which used a different method of inserting text.

by Carsten Clasohm, 18 Nov 2007

frage zu letmetype

Hi Carsten,
erstmal ein dankeschön für das Programm. Ist vielversprechend, leider habe ich ein Problem damit: Wenn ich die suggestions des Programms in Word annehme, wird automatisch ein Abstand inkludiert: zB transporter, ich schreibe "trans", nehme per Nummernpad "transporter" an, daraus wird: "trans porter". Wie werd ich das los? Wäre dankbar, merci, d.

by Anonymous Visitor, 25 Nov 2007

baghradji Nadir

it is realy a very good program
I was thinking about it befor see it .

by Anonymous Visitor, 15 Jan 2008

Unerwünschtes Leerzeichen in MS Word


das Programm ist sehr sehr nützlich!
Leider habe ich auch das Problem, das hier schon mehrfach beschrieben wurde, dass MS Word 2003 ab SP2 ein Leerzeichen automatisch einfügt, wenn Text aus der Zwischenablage eingefügt wird.
Wenn man bsp. "Hubschrauber" einmal schreibt, dann "Hub" eintippt und LetMeType vervollständigen lässt, ist das Ergebnis "Hub schrauber".

Vielleicht wäre es eine Lösung, das Wort komplett neu zu schreiben, d.h. die vorigen Buchstaben durch SHIFT+Pfeiltaste markieren und dann das ganze Wort über die Zwischenablage einfügen (so ist es bei einem anderen Tool implementiert, das auch eine Vervolständigen-Funktion anbietet, allerdings nicht so flexibel ist).

Wäre schön, wenn man den Fehler beheben kann, da das Tool sonst wirklich große Klasse ist!


by Anonymous Visitor, 27 Feb 2008

... nochmal Leerzeichen-Problem ...


man kann das Problem abstellen, wenn man den automatischen Leerzeichenausgleich von Word 2003 abschaltet (Extras>Optionen>Bearbeiten im Bereich "Ausschneide- und Einfüge-Operationen" auf "Einstellungen..." klicken und das Häkchen bei "Satz- und Wortabstand automatisch anpassen" entfernen).

Gruß M.

by Anonymous Visitor, 27 Feb 2008

Divided words

Hello, has someone found out why words are divided in Word? Like for instance, I type the word DISTRIBUIDORA and the suggestion comes as DIST RIBUIDORA. Outside that, this is an excellent application.

by Anonymous Visitor, 13 Mar 2008

Re: divided words

Hi, see the German comment before yours: in Word, go to Tools-->Options--> Edit tab, then under Cut and Paste options, click Settings..., finally, uncheck the option called Adjust sentence and word spacing automatically.

NB I do not use LetMeType, just reading the comments about :)

by Anonymous Visitor, 14 Mar 2008

Special chars.

in Portuguese we use É char and for some reason when using letmetype i can't make the ´.
by the way I love the program

by Anonymous Visitor, 26 Mar 2008



I'm unable to make any char that is based on two sequential keys pressed like É (combination of ´ and Shift+e) when the second keys uses shift to do the uppercase.

Can any programmer give me a clue on how to change the source for it ?

by Anonymous Visitor, 27 Mar 2008

Insert vs. Overwrite mode

I use Eudora to compose email. Each time I use a phrase suggested by LetMeType, Eudora toggles the Overwrite Mode. When Overwrite is On, my typing will replace any characters already there. This is particularly problematic when I am editing in the middle of a sentence. When Overwrite is Off, my typing will be inserted. I can manually toggle Overwrite by pressing the Insert key on the keyboard. How do I stop LetMeType from toggling Overwrite mode in Eudora?

by Anonymous Visitor, 18 Apr 2008

Eudora toggles overwrite mode

The simple solution was to disable overwrite mode by adding the line
in the EUDORA.INI file.

by Anonymous Visitor, 18 Apr 2008

works on vista

it seems to work fine in windows vista under compatibilty mode

by Anonymous Visitor, 12 May 2008

W2K also

Works fine with w2k thanks :-)

by Anonymous Visitor, 09 Jul 2008

Divided words in MS Word 2007

Thank you so much for this wonderful program. I use it a lot with individuals with writing challenges and it works perfectly with them.

However, in MS Word 2007 I am having the problem of words that are divided by a space after using this program for a while (20 minutes). I have not found in MS Word 2007 the feature of “Adjust sentence and word spacing automatically” to fix this problem. Do you know of any solution to this challenge?

Thank you very much!

Elsa M. Orellano

by Anonymous Visitor, 11 Jul 2008

Thanks for the software. Pity nobody goes on with it

Thanks so much for creating software like this and releasing it free to the public. When I see the cost of other packages with very similar features, I just cannot believe it. A real pity this project is no longer under developement. Does anyone know another free text predition feature (appart from Phrase Express)? If, appart from single words, the program could autodetect and suggest phrases, it would be just great. Thanks.

by Anonymous Visitor, 05 Dec 2008

Solution to divided words in MS Word 2007

Fortunately, I found the solution for unwanted divided words when using LetMe Type in MS Word 2007. Here it goes: Click on Microsoft Office Button→click on Word Options→clic on Advanced→under Cut, Copy, and Paste click on Settings→uncheck the option of Adjust sentence and word spacing automatically. That's it! Enjoy writing!

by Anonymous Visitor, 03 Jan 2009

Cyrillic font

Does anybody know why  this program types strange characters (like these: äîëæèëèä) instead of normal cyrillic ones?

by Anonymous Visitor, 09 Jan 2009


when letmetype gives me a sigestion it adds a space betwen the word. Why dose this happen?

by Anonymous Visitor, 07 Mar 2009

Problem with the extra space

In MS Word the problem is caused by having "Smart cut and paste" selected. In 2007, it's in Word Options --> Advanced. In 2003, I think it's in Tools --> Options (but I can never remember whether it's Options or Customize and I don't have 2003 anymore).

by Anonymous Visitor, 13 Apr 2009

Problem with word spacing solved...

"see the German comment before yours: in Word, go to Tools-->Options--> Edit tab, then under Cut and Paste options, click Settings..., finally, uncheck the option called Adjust sentence and word spacing automatically.

NB I do not use LetMeType, just reading the comments about :)"

I can confirm that this works for MS Word 07

by Anonymous Visitor, 29 May 2009



Is it possible to export words out of LMT ?


by Anonymous Visitor, 25 Jun 2009


How do you uninstall Let Me Type from your system?

by Anonymous Visitor, 06 Sep 2009

thank you

i have very limited hand / arm mobility and your program is helping me to be productive once again.

by Anonymous Visitor, 17 Sep 2009



by Anonymous Visitor, 22 Sep 2009

Character problem

The best program of this category. But I have one problem. It not recognising Lithuanian ž (with capital Ž OK). Maybe someone knows how to solve this problem?


by Anonymous Visitor, 11 Oct 2009

Try TypingAid

TypingAid is a similar software without the shortcomings mentioned in this page. It's also GPL-ed, same as LetMeType.


by Anonymous Visitor, 07 Jan 2010

thanks a lot

just wanted to say thanks for this brilliant software.hope to see more updates on this one in the future :)

good day.

by Anonymous Visitor, 14 Aug 2010

Turning on Overwrite

Hi! Thanks a lot for this great program. I was dreaming about it and then I found it! Exactly what I wanted. There is one thing I wonder about. There is a conflict with one of my programs, where I use LMT to type in a RichText Edit field and LMT randomly switches the program to Overwrite mode (as if I would have pressed the Insert key). Any known solution for this bug?

by Anonymous Visitor, 28 Aug 2010

access denied keeps popping up on all programs very annoying

I downloaded this program, but I cant use it - all my programs are trying to access it - access denied. and it wont work with word etc.. deactivated it still access denied", tried to uninstall and delete program and still can't get rid of it, HELP!!!

by Anonymous Visitor, 02 Dec 2010

Does not seem to be working with Thunderbird on Windows 7

I specified thunderbird.exe as trigger application, and while words are learned and occasionally the suggestion pop-up is shown, I cannot use the words (Return? Tab? Num pad?).

by Anonymous Visitor, 12 Feb 2011

Doesn't work on my Vista laptop

It does record the words, but it rarely suggests anything, and when it finally does, it ignores my pressing the numbers (1,2, etc'). I tried ver 1.81 and ver 1.80, both behave the same, and i tried it in Word, Excel and Notepad.

Any ideas? Thanks

by Anonymous Visitor, 11 May 2011

I would really like to be able to use this in sync across two machines.

I would really like to be able to use this in sync across two machines. They share a drive letter, so it would be excellent if the systems could share a word database so I can have the same lists on both machines. They would need to save the database as I typed and reload the database every few seconds to remain remain in sync.

That would make this software something special.

by Anonymous Visitor, 29 May 2011

It works great on Windows7 (and with Office2010)

There are some problems concerning Windows7, solutions are described (in german) partly here: http://www.littlecompany.de/letmetype-unter-windows-7-zum-laufen-bekommen.html/

On the mentioned site, there is also a downloadable installer version solving some of the problems.

Important: After installation, it is important that you ensure that LetMeType does not run in the compatibility mode. To do so, go to the installation directory and switch off the compatibility mode for LetMeType (right click on LetMeType.exe, select properties, then go to the compatibility tab and deselect the checkbox in front of the compatibility mode).

Enjoy this wonderful program!

Many many thanks to Carsten Clasohm for his work providing us with such a great tool.

by Anonymous Visitor, 13 Nov 2011

Access to C:/ denied

I will use a forward slant, because I don't see the other on my keyboard.  I get the message: Access to C: /Program Files (x86)/LetMeType/default.Inot was denied. I downloaded the 1.81 with Windows 7.  Help!

by Anonymous Visitor, 22 Aug 2012


This is a great software,far better than many very expensive programs. It will be a great help to an ALS patient who is a friend of mine. Is there a way to donnate something for your work?

Thanks a lot

    Louis Harmsen

by Anonymous Visitor, 17 Sep 2012

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