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Underfoot Predator



The dense shadows that cling like a fog to Umbara's surface can cause a traveler to absentmindedly step into a tangle of vines, and it is then too late to escape the clutches of a vixus creature. The vines are the tentacles of the beast. Seven ropy limbs stretch out from a dome-shaped mouth, and smaller, secondary tentacles fill the gaps between these larger arms. Caught within the grip of a tentacle, the prey thrashes helplessly as it is drawn towards the beast's mouth -- the only visible portion of the creature's underground body. As the sharp teeth part, rays of light shine from within, briefly illuminating the poor victim's final moments. One final tentacle, pink and well muscled, reaches from within the vixus' maw, capped with a three-taloned grasper, to grab the squirming meal deeper into the creature's tooth-lined gullet.


  1. The Clone Wars
Tentacles can form a 7-meter radius




While on Umbara, Hardcase tripped on a vixus tentacle, waking the hungry beast. The creature wrapped its tentacle around his torso and tried to drag him in. Though Hardcase was able to blast his way free, another clone was not so lucky.

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ARC Trooper Fives


Fives was caught in the grip of the same vixus that had snagged Hardcase. With quick thinking, Fives tossed a thermal detonator into the vixus' central grasper tentacle, and the beast ingested the explosive -- and then blew up from the inside.

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Though Tup was spared the vixus' tentacles, he vividly recalled the horror of the beast. Tup lured General Krell into a trap by causing the renegade Jedi to step into the tentacles.

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General Pong Krell

Pong Krell

General Krell was too powerful to go down without a fight. Though the burly tentacles of the beast kept a firm grip on Krell, he was able to cut his way loose. But the beast was enough of a distraction that Krell never saw Tup's stun blast coming.

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