July 1, 2013


Brisbane Ferries, employers of 200 people who operate and maintain Brisbane's iconic CityCats and CityFerries on behalf of Brisbane City Council, today unveiled a new name and identity which will overarch the company’s interests throughout Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

Transdev is the new name for the passenger transport specialist, a brand recognised globally for more than 20 years and founded on excellence in operational performance and customer service.

 Transdev Brisbane Ferries General Manager, James Hall said, “Our name change signifies a strategic shift in shareholding arrangements, designed to consolidate and strengthen our business - for the long-haul.  In essence, there is no change to our ongoing commitment to delivering a safe, quality service to people in our city, and our contract partners, Brisbane City Council.”

Brisbane Ferries has operated the ferry service under the current contract arrangment since 2010, but has been involved with Brisbane's ferry network since 1991, under the company name River Connections. Since then, a series of mergers and rebrands have transformed the ferry operation into the passenger transport leader it is today, connecting more than 5 million people annually via the Brisbane River.

 “Today, we operate 19 CityCats, 6 CityFerries and 3 CityHoppers across 24 ferry terminals,” Mr Hall said. “I am confident that under the Transdev banner, our local knowledge and standing will be further fortified by international strength and expertise.”

 “We are part of a strong, unified Transdev brand which includes buses and ferries here in Queensland; buses, light rail and ferries in Sydney; buses in Melbourne, WA and Darwin; and trains in Auckland,” he explained.