We must adopt a comprehensive and fiscally responsible approach to state and regional water planning that considers all of Texas’ needs.

Desalination: Is it Worth its Salt?

November 2013

Desalination is often viewed as a solution to many water supply problems and is often hailed as a ‘drought resistant’ supply. This report explores the environmental, energy, and economic issues surrounding desalination and provides an overview of desalination activities in Texas.

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NE Texas Dissents on Water Plan

Longview News Journal, December 8, 2013

A process to set how water planning regions across Texas will rank projects for financing has won state approval but is drawing dissent from the Northeast Texas representative.

Region D group Chairman Bret McCoy said Friday that criteria such as property rights and environmental/economic impact should have been included among elements used in ranking projects from wells to lakes that will be financed under a plan approved by voters in November.

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Devils River Could Feel Impact of Hunt for Water

Texas Tribune, November 28, 2013

DOLAN FALLS PRESERVE — Along U.S. Highway 277 headed north from Del Rio, not far from the Mexican border, canyons flecked with green tower over the desert landscape.

The rugged country is some of the most breathtaking, and untouched, in all of Texas. Those who have studied the area say that hundreds of generations of indigenous tribespeople lived on this land, drawn to the caves that provided shelter from storms and enemies, the abundant plants and wildlife, the flint deposits in the rock that could be used for tools and weapons, and the sparkling Devils River, which snakes through the terrain.

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Land Use Choices Change Water Demand Projections

October 10, 2013

Cities across Texas are tasked with the daunting job of ensuring adequate water for their citizens into the future.  Decisions that are made regarding new supply of each can have large economic consequences for existing customers, but not pursuing supply may have dire consequences for the sustainability of the city.  Unfortunately, this fear of running […]

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Drought : Texas Authority Votes to Cut Off Water to State’s Second-Largest Estuary

Energy and Environment Publishing: ClimateWire, September 30, 2013

Once again, it’s upstream users versus downstream users in southeast Texas as a record-breaking, five-year drought forces authorities to make tough decisions about who gets access to dwindling water supplies — and who doesn’t.

This time, it’s Texas’ second-largest estuary, Matagorda Bay, that is facing a cutoff of freshwater flows from the region’s two artificial reservoirs.

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TCEQ Will Make Big North Texas Reservoir Decision

Texas Tribune, September 24, 2013

The future of North Texas’ water supply could hinge on Tuesday.

That’s when the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is set to decide the fate of Lake Ralph Hall, a proposed reservoir 80 miles northeast of Dallas that would be the first large one built in the state in more than two decades. The Upper Trinity Regional Water District, the water wholesaler that serves the fast-growing part of North Texas that includes Denton County, has been trying to get approval to build the water source since 2003.

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State Water Board Holds Key to Proposition 6 Projects

Houston Chronicle, September 10, 2013

Here’s the promise of Proposition 6: Texas officials could leverage $2 billion from the drought-prone state’s rainy day fund into $30 billion for new reservoirs, pipelines and other water-supply projects over the next half-century.

The reality, however, could be very different.

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Texas Courts Start to Fill in the Blanks on Groundwater Law

September 05, 2013

About eighteen months ago, the Texas Supreme Court issued a historic ruling on groundwater law.  In Edwards Aquifer Authority (EAA) v. Day, the Day family and others sued the EAA claiming that the EAA’s regulation of the aquifer, which limited the landowner’s right to pump groundwater, violated their constitutional rights because the landowner owns the […]

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Money for Water, but we Need to be Careful

August 29, 2013

As we explained in an earlier post, voters will soon have the opportunity to pass a constitutional amendment to partially fund the State Water Plan.  Even with these additional funds, it’s easy to see that there won’t be enough money to pay for every desired project across the state.  The Texas Tribune recently examined the […]

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