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Controlled Substance Prescription History Online

NYS DOH has a new program that allows MDs to view patients’ recent controlled substance prescription history online. I recently saw a patient I suspected was selling his narcotics, plugged in his name and date of birth, the results are per the attached screenshot.

How to register:

Select “Request an HCS Medical Professions account application”

Fill out the form and print the .pdf document generated, have it notarized (Joycee Thomas is a notary), and send it to the address as directed. To expedite, you can also fax it and a copy of your drivers license to 518.449.6907. They will call you with your login information in a few days. If they don’t call you, call them 866.529.1890.

How to access a patient’s controlled substance history, once you’ve registered:
1. Log in
2. Click on Applications, then select View All
3. Find “Controlled Substance Information (CSI) on Dispensed Prescriptions”
4. Click on that.
5. Enter the patient’s first name, last name, gender, and birth date (this is on the face sheet) as well as your DEA#.

1. Log in

2. Click on Applications

3. Click on View All on the right side of the screen after all the letter categories.

4. Find “Controlled Substance Information (CSI) on Dispensed Prescriptions”

5. Enter the patient’s first name, last name, gender, and birth date (this is on the face sheet) as well as your DEA#.

Voila. If your are suspicious of abuse but nothing comes up in the database, ask the patient for an ID to verify name/DOB.

Online Practitioner Notification Program

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May 3rd, 2010 at 5:38 pm

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Multiple Updates from Kevin Baumlin

Multum update–  the end result of this means that your med service and rx quick lists may be a bit different… of note toradol and lasix have changed… sorry, these updates .. we are required to take…

bed request– “none” is no longer autopopulated in the isolation question…. UGGGH.. i know… but hopefully this will decrease the re-listing for isolation pts that seems to happen daily.

bedboard overview– now has an additionally column for mrsa/vre– this is pulled through from cerner– (meaning the pt has had a mrsa/vre positive cx in the past.  this should help decrease confusion as to who is and who isn’t iso, and for what reason.

current medications  please put this on your tool bar and check pts med lists!

Obs– for pts 8+ hours and overnight obs pts– fill out the new “hpi” template

Peds ROS– working on it

Studer– AIDET— bottom line is, its not enough to take great care of your pts.  you need to do it with a smile, introduce yourself, manage expectations and say thanks for coming….


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February 26th, 2009 at 9:50 pm


AIDET is the acronym for a tool implemented by the Studer Group to improve communication with patients. The tool has been proven to decrease patient anxiety, increase adherence with your recommendations, improve clinical outcomes and increase patient satisfaction. AIDET stands for:

A = Acknowledge

  • Make Eye Contact
  • Greet in a pleasant manner

I = Introduce

  • State your name and role

D = Duration

  • Give the patient expected time for tests, results and length of stay

E = Explanation

  • Explain the reason for tests

T = Thank You

  • Consistently thank the patient
  • Ask about questions before ending the session

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August 18th, 2008 at 8:10 pm

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