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Team Fortress Classic
Team Fortress 2: Brotherhood of Arms was originally announced as a commercial expansion pack that would ship a few months following the release of Half-Life. But Valve�s plans for Team Fortress 2 changed and the expansion pack plans were dropped. Fortunately, while working on Half-Life development tools and source code for mod makers, Valve decided that the best way to test the mod development tools was to develop a mod with the tools themselves.

The result was Team Fortress Classic, which was released in April 1999 as a free add-on with the patch. So if you have a patched version of Half-Life, you already have TFC.

TFC is basically a brighter, better balanced, more professional, and prettier version of the original Team Fortress, which was a popular modification for the original Quake. Thus, realism is pretty much thrown out the window in favor of intense action, skill, and teamwork. Remember, there is no �I� in �Team Fortress!�

Getting Started
TFC can be a little intimidating to the newcomer. If you don�t want to look (and die) like an idiot, read some of this slop!

If you're a newbie, start with an easy class like Soldier. Also, don't shoot people on your own team. It strips their armor away and makes them hate you.

Here are all the files covering Team Fortress.
So you've figured out how to lob rockets at people. Unfortunately, you still suck. Read these strategies, so you'll suck less! Did you know scouts can defuse detpacks by running over them? Well, now you do.

Team Fortress Survival Guide
Already figured out TFC�s basics? Are you still confused about something? Think you�re some kind of hot shot who knows everything there is to know about TFC? It doesn�t matter, you need to check out PlanetFortresses� excellent TFC Survival Guide. A must read if you�re interested in learning about some of TFC�s finer points.
If you�re serious about TFC, you need to visit PlanetFortress. They�re the definitive source for all things Team Fortress, from the original TF to TFC to the upcoming Team Fortress 2.

Head on over to PlanetFortress' TFC section for information on TFC bots, servers, maps, and more!

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