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Myron Hess, National Wildlife Federation, 512-576-3948
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November 20, 2013

Statement of Sierra Club, Lone Star Chapter and National Wildlife Federation on LCRA Board Decision to Seek Authority to Raise Interruptible Water Trigger to 1.1 Million Acre-Feet and to Implement Mandatory Restrictions on Outdoor Water Use

The LCRA Board voted 8-7 this afternoon to seek emergency authorization from TCEQ to raise the trigger to provide interruptible water to agricultural customers to 1.1 million acre-feet combined storage and to require firm water customers to implement no more than once per week lawn watering schedules in their communities.


“LCRA Board’s decision today to seek emergency authorization to cut off releases of interruptible water means, if approved by TCEQ, that the Colorado River and Matagorda Bay will see greatly diminished flows again in 2014 without heavy rains below the Highland Lakes,” said Myron Hess, Manager of Texas Water Programs for the National Wildlife Federation.

Jennifer Walker, Water Resources Coordinator for the Lone Star Chapter Sierra Club said, “A faint silver lining in the otherwise cloudless sky of the ongoing drought is LCRA’s belated decision to ensure that lawn watering use is reduced to no more than once per week while the drought continues.”

The National Wildlife Federation and Sierra Club submitted written comments to the LCRA Board prior to the meeting.