April 24th, 2009

In recent years, suicide rates among young, black males have increased more rapidly than any other group. But this is not something that is discussed in our communities.

Isnt suicide a white thing? Suicide is the third leading cause of death among black youth. It isnt a white thing.

Most of us are uncomfortable with the topic of suicide. Too often, victims are blamed; their friends and families are stigmatized. As a result, we dont communicate openly about it, limiting the amount of information available to those working to prevent it.

Last November, 34 year-old Def Jam Executive Vice President Shakir Stewart died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound and that same month, 19-year-old Abraham Biggs committed suicide on his webcam after he overdosed on pills while streaming a video of himself live on

Earlier this month, an 11-year-old Massachusetts boy, Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover, hanged himself after enduring bullying at school. According to reports, Carl was taunted daily being called girlie, gay and fag, despite his mothers weekly pleas to the school to address the problem.

Carl, a football player and Boy Scout at New Leadership Charter School in Springfield, would have turned 12 on April 17.

His mother, Sirdeaner Walker, found him hanging by an extension cord minutes before she was going to a meeting to confront school authorities again.

Just last week, an 11-year-old in Georgia, Jaheem Herrera, did the same thing for the same reason. He was found in his bedroom closet.

His mother, Masika Bermudez, said he was being consistently bullied at school. She said she had complained to the school, and she said it was her 10-year-old daughter who alerted her to the stress Jaheem was under.

Bermudez said bullies at school had called Jaheem gay and had taunted him about his accent. She said when he came home Thursday and she asked him about it, he denied it. She sent him to his room to calm down. That was the last time she saw him alive.

No one seems to care.

A lot of stigma exists in our communities with mental-health issues and seeking help for them. We have to reduce the stigma that seeking help makes you weak and let those individuals know that they can be helped.

The reasons for suicide may be varied, but suicide prevention exists for them all. There are numerous outlets to help anyone considering suicide realize that they have a lot for which to live, although it may seem like nothing at all.

Trust me, I know; Im a living testimony.

( Sources: GLSEN, WSBTV, Palm Beach Post )
( Photos: AP / FLICKR / GOOGLE )
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    This is so sad especially for these younger victims who felt they had to where else to turn. I pray for these individuals and their families. If you have ever thought about commiting suicide or know someone who has, please do not be afraid or ashamed to talk to someone about it!

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    Thats realy sad my best friend shoot his girlfriend and himself 10 years ago and you really dont know what sets people off.

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    wow thats pretty sad, its jus wrong that it says suicide is a white thing, i dont get what race has to do with anything. u get these kind of things happening in every community, people really need to start seing beyond color

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  4. Wow J.Dakar your testimonial was powerful & I SO know that feeling.

    I have been in that same predicament & have thought those same thoughts at points in my life.

    I even wrote a song about it(Theres been some times Ive damn near lost itSlit my wrists, hung from my closetBut that didnt do sh*t for painIm walking dead againis it all in vain) -Dark Clouds.

    Its not an easy thing to open up & talk about. Im glad I had the strength to NOT go along with it.

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    Black men have a lot of pressure because socially, they are always behind. even the black woman is rising socially. I understand why they are depressed. This is an issue that we should discussso that everyone knows that they are equal. And that no one has to take their own life.

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    sad horrible story. everyone needs to realize that its okay to talk to someone about your problems, especially young men and boys that feel that they must always keep things inside. obviously we must start these programs in elementary school to get the point across since theres now a pattern of young boys taking their own lives.

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    ms. poetic

    this is CRAZY!!!!!!!! im glad someone is paying attention to this matter. I too always felt this was just a white thing. guess not.

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  8. 8.

    Just Hurt my heart!! so SAD!

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    Law & Order

    Very profound topic. I feel that we do not discuss mental health in our communities because we may see it as an embarrassment. However by not shedding light on this issue, we are offering our love one the opportunity to seek treatment to better their lives. WE have to do better… I have a love one that is battling a mental illness, and he is only 6. We are doing everything in our power now to help him so that he can live a happy productive life.

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    Its very clear why black males have a skyrocketing suicide rate but the fact of the matter is that in order for that rate to be slowed or controverted, deeper issues have to be dealt with which black people dont want to acknowledge. Particularly this nonsense that color doesnt matter which goes hand in hand with the destruction of the black male image and the elevation of the black female image.

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    Go Beyonce

    It it s really sad to hear about the young kids (black boys) who are commiting suicide. As a black community we should address this issue beacuse as the article says there is so much sigma that we fail to see the reality!!!

    R.I.P Jaheem and Carl.never2b4got10!!

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    Im not a person who assumes something is a white or black thing, bullying,sickness mentally,physically,being poor,molested, being apart of a gang etc they have no mercy on there victim black, white or whatever but it takes someone outside the scene to see it, feel it and know something is wrong something here is not right and to point it out to those in the circle so I appreciate you J.Darkar for bringing these issues up. So many times we choose to ignore it or hide from it because we are scared or ashamed and tragically it can lead to death.
    I to am a living testimony and I am grateful that I was blessed enough to seek help and receive it. My heart goes out to those two mothers no matter what people say parents dont have a clue mine didnt. It wasnt until I told them how I was feeling years late not because they wernt there or paying attention but those who are lost,feel helpless are the best at hiding it from those closest to them.

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    c breezy is innocent

    WOW J. simply amazing! I read your blog, I truly believe with your story you have help some1 day! Thanks u 4 sharing :-)

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    My heart goes out to all of these families. It is important that we realize the struggle that our kids go through on a daily basis and reassure them that You love them God love them and to love themselves.Support is something that is essential to all young and old and we as parents need to listen to our kids and if necessary to remove them from that environment it possible to help them.I have a site dor my daughter which is in the early stages to support kids with sickle cell disease.

    Know God Love God and embrace him always

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  15. 15.

    #5 it is because society puts us behind. This is a great and interesting topic and it is nice to see it on a blog. As a young man who WAS suicidal for over five years, it is NOT just a black thing, a white thing, an age thing, a male thing, or woman thing. It is a deep depression from within. In my case my life wasnt all that I expected it to be. I hated life. Even today sometimes I feel as though Im not good enough for myself, so I feel life I m not good enough for this job, this woman, this life. Ive come a LONG WAYS though.

    People pick people apart like crazy, you never know what is going through the minds of people, so be careful of what you say and what you do. This is something that is lacking in black school systems, its calld SUPERVISION. I feel sorry for the parents who kids felt as though they were not good enough to live around people because of bullying and other things. Why are our school systems not paying close attention to these kids? Verbal abuse is not much different from physical. I admit to have doing some name calling when I was younger (11-14) and immature, and usually that is the time when I wish I was more supervised in school.

    One more thing, if anyone is reading and feeling suicidal, SEEK HELP. TALK TO LOVED ONES, CALL A HOTLINE, SEE A COUNSELOR. Life may not always be good at a particular time but things dont always remain the same. And EVERYONES life is important.

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    Those last two stories are truly sad. Both boys gone at young ages. My thoughts and prayers go out to there family and friends, God bless!

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  17. 17.

    Its very sad, but it sounds like you are just sad, when black commit suicideIts also very sad when white people do!!!

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  18. 18.

    this is all soooo sad! my thoughts and prayers go out to all of these families!

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  19. 19.
    Princess Bee

    @ 15I think the issue of stereotype was the reason this story was bought abroadbecause so many people think that this is a white no one here is saying that its sad because of a certain colorits a sad situation PERIOD

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  20. 20.
    cali panamami (where is the love?)

    i am very glad that this was posted. i think in the black community [ESPECIALLY] it is something that isnt talked about. its always shunned upon or taken very lightly.
    like for example: you know there is that girl who sits in her room all day and doesnt talk. and her mom would just say oh shes just quiet and shy when in all actuality, she suffers from borderline personality disorder.

    these issues tend to stem from school, home life & just the plain ol trickle down effect. some say there might even be a post traumatic slavery disorder that causes alot of mental issues in the current generation. (i.e.: the house negro vs. the field negro)

    i suffer from a mental illness and was diagnosed at 18. the first 5 years of dealing with was extremely hard. i was embarressed by it. i was one of those people who thought black people dont kill themselves & pop Zanax to treat a depression. i isolated myself from everyone for a long time. i lost so many friends because they either saw me as crazy or just thought that they wouldnt be able to handle what i was going through. but ive managed to make it through with faith, love, meditation & some therapy (there aint nothin wrong with a black person seeing a therapist. even if you think you dont have issues).

    and now im currently writing about my experience so brothas and sistas alike can know that theyre not alone and there is hope and theres alot more living to do.

    if were able to communicate these problems to our loved ones without yelling or having it result in ridicule, there could be so many lives saved.

    thanks j. dakar
    ill be reading your post immediately

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  21. 21.

    I know of three young men of color around the area where I live that committed suicide. They were all in their 20s. This is definitely a growing problem in our community that people need to start talking about. Thank you Concreteloop for raising awareness, and thank you to J. Dakar for sharing your story. You are definitely an inspiration.

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  22. 22.

    J.Dakar, I commend you on writing this post and I also commend you for sharing your very personal story on how you overcame your struggle and thoughts about suicide.

    I believe we owe it to young people of all races especially African-American children, to educate them about suicide prevention. We must reassure our children and let them know everyone feels insecure sometimes, everyone has bad days, but they do pass, things do get better, only if you hang in there and remain open about their feelings and emotions.

    If we can get that message to African-American males starting at a young age, in my opinion the probability of them committing suicide will be lowered tremendously. Boys face pressure everyday, to be the biggest, toughest, smartest, fastest, just the best. So when they feel they fall short, they may be faced with the thought of failure. I am definitely not saying we shouldnt encourage children to be the best they can be, but we must do so in a healthy manner.

    And this bullying situation is getting out of control. Parents must do their part to talk to their children and teach them that bullying is NOT acceptable. It would also help if schools had a NO TOLERANCE position on bullying the same way they do towards firearms.

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  23. 23.

    A teenage black boy committed suicide in my town about 2 months ago. Shot himself in the head.
    It was an immense tragedy and I was extremely confused and anger and hurt by it, even though I never knew him (He was a junior at my high school; Im a senior).

    Gorgeous boy, owned his own T-Shirt business & already had the freshest clothes. He had so many friends. He always smiled. He was a good kid.

    I never got it.
    & I hated that fights at my schools started because kids were blaming each other for what happened. & some felt so said that they said they wanted to commit suicide too.

    That tragedy almost wrecked the Junior class b/c that boy was SO popular.

    This HAS to STOP.
    I think so many people dont talk about it or ignore the problem because they feel the boys doing this are crazy. This needs to be addressed in schools because its destroying our future.

    This could also be a racial thing. The media always feels a tragedy involving white kids is more important to mention than those involved minorities.

    See. the Natalee Holloway case VS. the Megan Williams case. :|

    Thank you J.Dakar for posting this.
    People NEED to hear about this.

    Rest In Peace, George Swain.
    You are loved.

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  24. 24.

    this is a good post. im glad that we can talk about this and bring light to it. that truth, i know exactly what you mean.

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  25. 25.
    Where is the intelligence?

    Very sad, myself had bullies in my classroom and they just wanted me to give them my lunch, as well as my cousin too, the boy was bigger and taller than us, like very tall for his age, he would just use us and was a threat but I told my mom and my counsins parents about it and our parents went to school to clarify it and he stopped, we became cooler; and this situation will never stop, always kids in school to bully around and are just bad and mean and mock the others, praying my kid will not be treated this way or treat other ppl this way, parents should tell their children to always make sure to say the truth and to tell when something is worng; I know its hard to tell to your parents cuz myself was afraid and felt bad that I couldnt handle it myself but they really should do it cuz its stressful, very stressful just to go to school cuz u know ppl will throw rocks at u for different lame reasons. SMH

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  26. 26.

    my nephew committed suicide, it is the saddest thing my family has ever dealt with.

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  27. 27.

    Wow. Just Wow. Thanks for bringing light to this issue J.

    My nephew is 11 and I cannot image him having to go through something so disturbing that it would cause him to take his life.

    Ive never had a moment where I was that down and out, but suicide surely would not be my answer. I am WAAAY too scary to carry that act out.

    Remember He will never put more on you than you can bare

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  28. 28.
    CE CE


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  29. 29.

    This is really sad. I hope and pray that schools develop a program to help bullied victims. Personnally, I bullies should be expelled from school. That will teach them a lesson. First, Columbine, now young kids taking their own lives?!! Something has to be done because this shit is getting out of control.

    As a parent, I always talk to my 6 year old son. i want him to know that he can always talk to me no matter what. I also talk about how damaging bullying can be to someones elses life.
    My heart goest out to the families of the victims

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  30. 30.

    I think thisblack people in general are very close minded. So being gayor different in the black community is picked up quickly; and people who are gay or different are picked on and teased. White people are more accepting of difference and change, for example there are more white gay men who are out than there is black men. I am both black and gay, and have numerous amounts of white people apart of my family, So i can give a well rounded view of this issue. But here is the thingits not the kidsits their parents. The parents need to step up and tell their kids that words hurt. I would personally get hit than for someone to call me a faggot. Why?because that hit will only hurt for so long, while that word will play over in my head exactly the way it was said to me and in the context in which it was used. I also say this.the same guys who talk about gay guys and call them fags are the same ones that askin the gay guys for some heador tellin the gay guys that they girl cant handle all their sex (which ive had said to me). Or better yettheir married. Most husbandsare DL.Sorry ladies

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  31. 31.

    Suicide among blacks have been on the rise because the Black man doesnt know where to turn when he is faced with problems. My grandfather committed suicide a few years back. He had cancer and could not cope with the pain any longer. But oddly enough, he did it to protect us. In his letter he stated that he did not want to reach the stage where he would be so incapacitated, he would burden us financially and emotionally. That is best way he felt how to deal with it. Was it selfish of him? Of course….But I would be selfish if Id be mad because I was not feeling his pain.

    However, the young kids who killed themselves, from the article, tells me their fathers were not present. Say whatever you want, fathers and or father figures play a vital role in the development of a young male. They would have seen how their fathers handled adversities and they too would have found ways to deal with their issues or would have had a strong male to talk to. They probably did not go to their mothers or had faith in their mothers’ capabilities to “fix” their problems and felt hopeless, so they killed themselves. As the father of a young male, I take these things very seriously. The day my kid comes home and tells me he is being bullied, I am f*cking up the kid and his parentswhen it comes to my kid, I am very irrational

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  32. 32.

    Damn, all terribly sad stories, especially the young kids.

    Where do we even begin to address this problem? I think apart of the problem is that its taboo to get professional help to talk about it. As if getting help confirms that youre truly crazy or only white people get professional help. That type of mentality must stop.

    Also, the bullying has to stop. Kids can be so damn cruel, unfair, and ugly and that must stop because when youre young you dont know that school, friends, and popularity arent the end of the world, and I hate it so much because nothing is going to happen to the bullies. All the pain and suffering lies with the victim and their family.

    Another thing that goes a long way is perspective, but this is something that 11 y.o. kids would not have yet. Thats why not only do bullied kids need incredible support, but the kids doing the bullying to be taught that it is very wrong to make another human being feel like nothing..that is awful.

    Anyways, a lot needs to change but it all starts at the human level of teaching right from wrong and self-love and acceptance. Its just a lot of stuff I honestly dont see being remedied any time soon if ever.

    My heart goes out to the families of the victims and if anyone reading this is having suicidal thoughts know that you are not alone and it will get better eventually.

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  33. 33.

    Rispek CL for posting this. And I NEVER comment. But this moved me. Rispek

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  34. 34.

    damn this really hurtsto see stuff like this happening to our men, specially our young boys

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  35. 35.

    Glad Concrete finally put this up and yes I said finally. This problem has been rising since the turn of the 21st century if not longer. This site like others never talked about it. I found out from NY Times a few years ago. Even our so called major black mags dont talk about it as in depth as they should, but I digress.

    We also need to discuss homosexuality and HIV/AIDS. The silence is killing our community and please dont start with that The Bible says. bullshit. Our ancestors were not christians. It was beat, hanged, whipped and tortured into us and unfortunately as much as some of us dont like white people, black folks will spit out what the Bible says in a heart beat. God doesnt have a problem with slavery, I do.

    Lets sit down and talk black folk. This conversation is well over do.

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  36. 36.

    When I had just left high school, two quite popular people in the year above me killed themselves also. It is sad that these victims feel that is the only way out. R.I.P. to all, and I hope their families can survive the trauma.

    That is why we should all treat people how we would like to be treated.

    I also dont understand how race got into this.

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  37. 37.

    For all this love that black people always talk about and claim to be about, it seems like the only love our people have is for everyone else. In order for the black man to value his life, he must have a feeling of self-worth. You can only have a feeling of self-worth when you have right and exact self-knowledge. Education is what is needed to assimilate in this matrix of a society. Self-knowledge can only be accrued once reality is accepted. Black males are the enemy because they are the threat, so there is no way for them to attain self-knowledge in an educational system that is designed by the same entity that views him as the enemy because knowledge is power. If the controlling entity wants to retain power, they have to mentally hamstring any and all perceived threats. This is how an entity in power can create a slave mentality in which that entity encourages the race/s under you to not want to win, just to tie. This is what is happening in Iraq right now. If black people want an understanding of the genesis of our problem, look at Iraq and Afghanistan and youll understand what our ancestors had to endure in Portugal, Spain, different parts of Europe where blacks ruled, and the west coast of Africa during the 1400s. The suicide rate and poor self-image, self-esteem, and self-confidence amongst black men is a result of all that.

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  38. 38.

    My uncle and my stepfather both committed suicide so I am well aware that this is a serious problem in the black community.

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  39. 39.

    Wow, this is tragic. I pray for all the families that have gone through this. Thanks J. Dakar for posting this, and sharing your story.

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  40. 40.

    Young black men are committing suicide, not only by killing themselves, but by putting themselves in situations that will lead to their premature death as well.

    Look into the Story of Lloyd Avery II

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  41. 41.

    my best friends 12 yr old cousin just committed suicide tuesday. the fact that theyre getting younger scares me.

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  42. 42.

    Thank you for bringing light to this issue. I was in and out of severe depression for two years during college because I was taught growing up that people that have relationships with God should not have to seek a psychologist for help. After someone reached out to me, I finally said forget what I was taught and I have been a much better person ever since. We, as black people and minorities, really need to come together and deny the perception of youre crazy if you seek help.

    Because to me it makes you crazy if you dont. After just a couple of sessions with a psychologist, my grades dramatically improved and my outlook on life. Now I know exactly what to do when under stress to avoid depression and falling in to a black hole.

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  43. 43.

    Its horrible to see regardless of skin color. The worst part is not when adult who make the choice to do it but 10 and 11yr old children who are still considered innocent are pushed to the point of suicide. We really need to love on our children more and teach them that no matter what anyone says about them to love yourself. Easier said than done but look at these two part who lost children way before their time

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  44. 44.

    wowthis really does raise my awareness of suicide.many ppl dnt think that this could happen to the ppl that they see on a daily basis, but you never prayers are with all of these families & anybody else who has these thoughts..

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  45. 45.

    j your testimonial was incredible. thank you for being brave and selfless enought to speak on such a serious issue. just know that your testimoney has helped someone and changed someones life. thanks for realizing your power. also, thank you for this post and addressing SUCH a serious issue. i get happy when i see black blogs tallking about issues that really do matter.

    my prayers go out to all the families of the deceased. those last two stories PROVE that something needs to be done about this bullying thing! as adults, we have tougher skin from the things we went throughbut as children, being bullied is a TERRIBLE experienceand children do not have the WISDOM or EXPERIENCE to know that this too shall pass.

    they dont know that these bullies are the ones with the real issues. all they know is that they are being embarassed in front of their school mates and friends. i dont have the answers about what these schools and officals should dobut its obvious that SOMETHING needs to happen. lets instill self esteem in these kids!!! the bullies and the bullied! bullies wouldnt do what they do if they felt better about themselves and their own abilitiesand those getting bullied would know that are WORTHY and CHERISHED and that theyre beautiful, wonderful and their lives MATTER! PLEASE, lets do something about our children and about this whole issue of suicide. thanks again for this meaningful post.

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  46. 46.

    Great Post

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  47. 47.

    thanks to every poster that is sharing a testimonial as well!! bless all of you because your stories DO matter!

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  48. 48.
    Bobby Jimmy

    A Lot of it stems from the home. How are the parents addressing it when the child is being picked on. What are they telling them? Schools dont care to do anything mainly because theres nothing they can really do. Its up to the parent to take control, and charge and do something about it. Its up to the parents to build up the self esteem of the child. Some of these kids get it at home and at school. Parents think that they have no power when it comes to schooling, when they do. Case and example a little boy at school stole a quarter from my daughter, I know a quarter is not a big deal but Im not gonna let someone still my hard earned money from my daughter. So what I did was confronted the boy infront of school staff his mom, my daughters and the principle. And I told him that was not acceptable, these two girls are not to be messed with. The principle then told me i didnt follow proper protocol. I told her when it comes to my duaghters there is no protocol cuase im the protocol. At that moment the School administration, parents who were in the office, and my daughters saw that my dad will stick up for me, and protect me, and that dont mess with his daughters. From that day my daughters dont have a problem with administration, nor do they have problems with bulling. Because the kids and the administration, see Im involved with my kids life. I make sacrifices for them and for their safety. I also monitor what they watch who their friends are, at the same time allowing them to blossom. Thats where it all starts. Now when it comes to grown men, hopefully theyve had some stability with the family but what people need to understand is when you commit suicide, its the most selfish thing you could ever do, and Im talking about adults here. Because you leave people asking why, was it something they said or did wrong. They leave children behind, moms, dads, brothers, sisters, grandmothers, and fathers, cousins aunts and uncles. Its never resolved never, and sometimes, the children end up repeating history, because thats what they saw mom or dad do. So there it goes again, Family plays an important roll. I cant speak for most but I thought about suicide, because of financial struggle when I was younger, but I soon realized thats a cop out. What people have to realize life changes and except change, or change your enviroment. and family members need to not be so self centered, and get involved when they see a family member down.

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  49. 49.

    im sorry to hear about the young victims. ive been there before so i definitely know how it feels. sad that it was too late for them.

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  50. 50.

    thank you for this post! its timely and poignant.

    as someone who suffers from depression and went undiagnosed for almost 3 years because my family thought it was a WHITE THING this issue is close to my heart.

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  51. 51.

    I am usually just a reader on here and not one to comment but I do want to say something regarding this subject.. While I think its great that everyone realizes that suicide is a very serious matter that does need to be addressed, I personally think we all need to take a step back and look at ourselves and make sure that we are doing our part in addressing this matter..

    I am a firm believer of the saying If you dont have anything nice to say, then dont say anything at all..

    Sometimes we scrutinize others for doing things when we are doing the exact same thing.. Those bullies were wrong for what they did but sometimes you have to take a step back and wonder where did they learn that behavior from? A classmate, sibling, parent or could it have possibly been from you?

    Its 2009 and the internet is an integral part of life now.. These 9,10 and 11 year olds are reading what you say.. Just think about that before you post comments about how someone looks a hot mess, or need to eat something, or looks gay or whatever negative that you may feel the need to say.. The negativity that you emit can add fuel to the fire of the bully or make that depressed person feel lower than they are..

    We way not be doing it directly but sometimes we indirectly do things and dont realize it.. Its ok to have opinions, but all opinions dont need to be spoken.. Also think before you speak.. Some are so quick to judge others and my reply to you is that if you know how it should be done and can do it so much better then why are they featured on the website and not you? Actions speak a lot louder than words

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  52. 52.

    This is is a great way to shed light on a situation, Especially for those who are in danger of committing suicide themselves. I wonder why it is so high in black males though?

    When I moved here to California, i moved here alone, i left my mom in Maryland, I didnt like how seperate my family was, so I thought moving here was the best thing for me, i could get to know my Brother and Sister again. Wrong, I lived with my sister and it wasnt the best,,she often complained about everything I did, blamed my mother for things that werent going well in her life and told me that I was gonna be left alone to fend for myself..a lot of negative shit, so I left her to go live with my brother..and his wife and two kids..that wasnt a great idea either, his wife was always blaming me for whatever was going wrong in the house..i didnt sweep this or mop that..WTF im going to school and working, I didnt move here to be a maid..kick rocks. So it seemed like all these negative comments were getting to me, I never thought suicide but I did think about what I wanted to accomplish in life, I have so many dreams and aspirations and I truly want to see If i can accomplish them all..suicide was never an option for me, It was just sadness..i was sad that i left my mom behind in Maryland, Sad I left all my friends and sad that my family here always had something to say about me..

    Ive never thought about going to talk to the school psychologist, like someone stated before in Church youre told not to talk to a psychologist but to pray and have faith.I booked my appointment for Monday, sometimes people just need to talk to someone.

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  53. 53.
    Sitting Pretty

    Thank you sooo much for addressing this issue. Our community has neglected to be proactive about prevention. Theres such a negative stigma associated with getting professional help. Having lost somone I LOVE to suicide, I hope to one day spread the word about getting help before its too late. If you need helpreach out. You are loved. May God be your peace and strength.

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  54. 54.

    Im glad this matter has finallly made its way to the table.

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  55. 55.

    what the hell? Sucide is a white thing???????????

    That is the most vavcuous thing i have ever heard!!!

    Sucide is amongst every race. It doesnt depends on ones race

    It depends one thinking!!!

    It very sad that people amount to this type of closureSome people see no end to their problems It is what it is.

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  56. 56.
    In Time

    Concrete loop i think posts like these are relevant :)

    Everyone likes their celeb gossip.But usually what is posted on them is frivolous..

    Good lookThis is what makes you different from other sites such as bossip

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  57. 57.
    In Time

    Concrete loop i think posts like these are relevant…

    Everyone likes their celeb gossip.But usually what is posted on them is frivolous..

    Good look…This is what makes you different from other sites.

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  58. 58.


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  59. 59.

    Wow this is deep. I wish it were addressed more in the black family. Suicide and sexual abuse are 2 issues that we try to keep under wraps. Its time things come to light and are dealt with properly.

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