T.I. Renames New Album

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Paper Solider. T.I. told Sway last week that he was putting Troubleman II on hold. And while on Streetz 94.5 in Atlanta, he says that he’s moving forward with his new project, Paperwork. Hopefully, it echos the sound of his previous effort, Paper Trail.



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  • Musikal

    Paper Trail was dope I hope it does sound like it or better.

  • http://www.facebook.com/LilMajerTheCartune Cartune

    Hmm.. I know I’m in the minority when I say this, but as a huge fan of Tip, and to going as far as putting him in my top 5 favorites, I wasn’t really a fan of Paper Trail, it had a few decent cuts like the singles, but I wasn’t really feeling it as a whole. Imo Paper Trail and Urban Legend was his weakest, I never understood why everyone else seemed to be in love with those albums so much…

    • jam

      I actually agree, the singles are definitely what carried Paper trail the singles are classic, but the rest of the album was empty not lyrically, but the overall feel of the album was just weak, his strongest albums: “The King” or “Trouble man” or maybe “Ti vs Tip”


        Sorry, but I’m just going to have to disagree. For as long as I’ve been listening to his music, Paper Trail was one of his better albums that showed growth and flowed well IMO. “T.I. vs TIP” and “No Mercy” most definitely has to be his weakest albums in his catalog with “Trap Muzik” being his best album to date. “Trap Muzik” was his most well-rounded, creative and non-commercial album he did and had something for everybody/mood. I just felt authentic to me. I grew up/became a fan of the “I’m Serious”/”Trap Muzik” Tip and will be looking forward to this album.

        • jam

          “Paper trail” was great lyrically, that was around the time when TI started stepping up his bars around the 07-08 period, but minus the great singles (Live your life, Whatever you like, Dead and gone, swagger like us.) plus two album cuts (My life your entertainment, top of the world) you know what fuck it…,The King Trap musik and Paper trail are his best albums I guess lol

    • Myleage

      urban legend was hella dope. i been listening to that since i was 13 man

      • Rezident

        Ncoooooohh really? Good for u.

  • Erik Anderson

    I think the greater majority of us can say Paper Trail is one of his best albums. Had killer singles and good topics. Trouble Man was good but it wasn’t touching his prime beat and hook wise

  • IamRealTalk-BdotLivesWithDad

    Paper Trail was definitely a good album

    Although it had crossover joints it didn’t seem forced.. the whole body of work was dope

  • brza

    Troubleman was a dope album as well

  • Curtis Bleaux

    T.I. is in my Top 10 Favorite of Hip-Hop Artist He made me a fan with his early projects of “I’m Serious”, “Trap Muzik”, “King” and “T.I. VS Tip”… TroubleMan reminds me of those albums.. Papertrail was more apologetic effort for getting caught with guns and a plea to stay out of jail. But I like him on the Gangsta TIP making that authentic coined “Trap Rap” don’t get too commercial on us! Give us some of “Trouble Man 2″ in a mixtape release or soundcloud.. Rise Up – Atown Down! – Peace and Blessings!

  • yeah

    1. king/paper trail 2.TI vs TIP is my ranking

  • Novakaine

    Mayne TIP in the category of Fab Luda E40 Jada cats who will never be fully appreciated for what they brought to music until after they are gone


  • CB

    I have to strongly disagree urban legend from top to bottom was his best cd with trap muzik coming in second ASAP, motivation, u don’t know me, get loose, the greatest, my life with Daz, bring em out… Great album with maybe one or two skips.


      “Urban Legend” was good and had hits throughout. That was the album where people started to notice him and his career took off. But “Trap Muzik” was still a better album to me. I always view it as a concept album where he starts his day in the trap then runs from the police in the first song…to when he gets shot and dies on the last song of the album. Like “a day in the trap with Tip” lol. You had riding/bragging tracks, (24′s, Look What I Got, Bezzle, Rubberband Man) Real/deep/personal tracks (I Still Luv You, Doin My Job, No More Talk, Be Better Than Me) Lyrical tracks (Be Easy, King Of The South, No More Talk, Doin My Job) Creative/storytelling tracks (T.I. vs T.I.P., Long Live The Game, Intro) female tracks, amp up tracks and etc…Carried along with his flow/delivery and the production from DJ Toomp, David Banner, Kanye etc that gave it that real soulful, late 90′s/early 00′s southern Hip-Hop feel to it, It just sounded authentic/non-commercial and flowed cohesively to me. Personal favorite of mine. Album got me through my days as a kid. lol. Just my opinion.