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Alexander Unzicker (born March 13, 1965 in Munich, West Germany), is a German school teacher and author.


Alexander Unzicker studied physics and law in Munich and received his doctorate in neuroscience.[1] His book, "Vom Urknall zum Durchknall – die absurde Jagd nach der Weltformel" was awarded the science book of the year award in Germany in 2010. In this book Unzicker criticizes modern physics theories, particularly string theory, as lacking experimental verifiability. In his 2013 book co-authored with Sheilla Jones "Bankrupting Physics: How Today’s Top Scientists are Gambling Away Their Credibility" he argues against the standard models of physics contending that they are no longer credible because of their complexity. The authors call for a return to physics' experimental roots.[2]

Unzicker works as a school teacher in Munich. He is the son of chess grandmaster Wolfgang Unzicker.[3]


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