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Troubleshoot email and dns issues

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WHOIS Lookup

Get contact info for a domain/ip

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DNSstuff Toolbox
The DNSstuff Toolbox tools can help you:
- Perform forensic analysis of name and email servers, path analysis, authenticate and locate domains.
- Keep an eye on blacklists and monitor web, email and name server compliance and connectivity.
- Dramatically increase the efficiency, accuracy and quality of your searches, lookups and analysis.
- Perform forensic analysis on a variety of domain and email concerns.
- All in one comprehensive report.
The toolbox is broken into the following 4 areas:
Domain/WWW Tools
Where is my domain hosted? Who owns a domain that I'm interested in? How do I translate an unreadable URL into something a person can read?
Email Tools
Is my email getting through? How do I know If an email address originated from a free email host? Is my mail server putting me at risk for spammers? Is my domain blacklisted as a spammer?
Network Tools
How can I check the speed of my internet connection? What is the path to my host from 3 sources? What are the stats for my root servers? Do I have DNS performance problems?
IP Tools
How do I convert a decimal IP into an IP? How do I find the country that is hosting an IP? Can I search multiple social media sites at one time?
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