Tuesday, December 24, 2013

UNiTE - Ai-'ation MV Preview

Credits: DangerCrueRecords@Youtube

ViViD - New Single Release

Great news to all fans of ViViD! Not long ago, they just released their new single titled 'THEATER'. Now, they have announced the release of a single titled '光-Hikari-' on 5th February 2014. What's more, this song will also be used as the upcoming opening theme song for the anime, Magi. Here are the details for this single.

Limited Edition Type A [CD+DVD] - (1,890 ¥)

1. 光-Hikari-

1. 光-Hikari- Music Video
2. Making of 光-Hikari-

Limited Edition Type B [CD+DVD] - (1,890 ¥)

1. 光-Hikari-

1. ViViD -Hikari no Saki e-

Regular Edition [CD only] - (1,260 ¥)

1. 光-Hikari-
3. Take-off 2014

Limited Anime Regular Edition [CD only] - (1,260 ¥)

1. 光-Hikari-
3. 光-Hikari- Anime Version
4. 光-Hikari- Anime Instrumental Version

Which version will you purchase? You may do so over here!

Credits: OHP, JpopAsia, CDJapan

Monday, December 23, 2013


Video Source: direngreyweb @ YouTube

KAMIJO - "Louis" Single Review

Versailles and LAREINE fans rejoice: KAMIJO is back. The elegant vampire vocalist has debuted as a solo artist with the release of his first single Louis -Enketsu no La Vie En Rose-. This single, while not especially impressive, will please KAMIJO's fans and intrigue potential new fans, and serves as a glimpse into what the singer has in store for us in the future. 

This Week's Countdown

Hey everyone! Sorry I missed a few weeks there, but, I am back now. As usual, be sure to head over and vote for your favorite five videos. If you want to suggest videos for voting, your best chance is probably posting on the VKH Video Page or you can always send me a tweet. Also, do note that a few videos are no longer eligible for voting as they have been on the countdown the maximum amount of time. See you all next week!


Video Source: wingworksofficial @Youtube

Sunday, December 22, 2013

sForzato - "Fallen" Single Review

sForzato is a relatively new, indie Visual-Kei band, but one that has already played shows with bands such as NoGoD, SEX-ANDROID, and other noteworthy bands. "Fallen" is their first single, following three other releases. So, how does this new band sound? Pretty good, even on this short of a release.


DEATHGAZE recently released the PV for their latest release "THE UNDERWORLD". In "THE UNDERWORLD", the Nagoya-kei band suprises listeners with a sound that is much different from the traditional metalcore sound that DEATHGAZE is well-known for. The result, while not quite as stellar as some of their other releases, is a very solid song that is an unexpectedly-effective change of pace for the band.

Grieva - Announces New Album

There is some exciting news from the band Grieva. The band announced that they will be releasing their second full album and have already revealed the details concerning the album!

Their second album is titled "  Shuuen " and is set to be released on February 26th. The album will have 16 songs and will cost 3150 Yen.

Here is the track list for this new album:


03.haifuru oka...
05.satsuriku no joukei
06.another pain
07.saigo no kotoba
08.juujika ni sasagu akai ×××
09.Lost tears
10.keppekishou no boku.
12.[shikyuu] (SE)
14.kuro no jubaku
15.ameagari no yuuutsu

Source: Jpopasia

Souiumono - Announces First Full Album

On December 20th at their live at Shibuya WWW the band Souiumono announced that they will be releasing their first full album!

The album is titled " Ragnarok " and is set to be released on March 5th. The album will come in two types: Limited Edition which will cost 3700 Yen and includes a CD holding 13 songs on it and a DVD that includes 5 " MAD PVs " and a Regular Edition which will cost 3000 Yen and only includes a CD, but the CD will not have 13 songs and instead includes 18 songs!

This is pretty exciting news for the band and the fans!

Source: Jpopasia

Saturday, December 21, 2013

NIGHTMARE to debut in the US

As we're sure a lot of you have been waiting to hear, NIGHTMARE is finally making their way over to the United States for the first time!
The band will be performing at Anime Matsuri in Houston, TX from March 14th - 16th. Their concert will be Saturday night, March 15th. This concert is sure to make a mark in Jrock history and all NIGHTMARE fans in the US should try to make their way to Texas!

Source: Anime Matsuri OHP, Rubab via Facebook

D=OUT - "kanden 18gou" Song and PV Review

If you haven't been keeping up with D=OUT over the last year or so, you should catch up. They've improved with every single they've released since 2012 and are taking the mainstream visual-kei scene by storm in a refreshingly original way. Although they are a lighter-sounding visual-kei band, D=OUT stands out from other such bands with a unique, lounge-style sound. D=OUT's music is extremely addictive and their fan base continues to grow exponentially as a result. They show no signs of slowing down with their latest release "kanden 18gou". 

Friday, December 20, 2013

VKH's 12 "Kei's" of Christmas: Complete Schedule

Hello Everyone! After 6 days and a few delays, we've completed the first half of our 12 Kei's of Christmas review special. Now it's time to reveal the second half! Below is the full list of reviews, complete with hyperlinks to the reviews that have already been written. (Note: Due to the possibility of holiday-related delays, some reviews may be posted up to 12 hours before or after their scheduled release dates.)

Visual Kei Heaven's 12 Days Kei's of Christmas!

First Half (Completed):
7th Day: Kiryu – Akai Mi Hajiketa PV Review
6th Day (Friday, December 20): D=Out - "kanden 18gou" Song and PV Review
5th Day (Saturday, December 21): DEATHGAZE - "THE UNDERWORLD" Song and PV Review
4th Day (Sunday, December 22): KAMIJO - Louis Single Review
3rd Day (Monday, December 23): Jupiter - CLASSICAL ELEMENT Album Review
2nd Day (Tuesday, December 24): DIAURA - FOCUS Album Review
1st Day (Christmas Day!): LUNA SEA - A Will Album Review

Be sure to check back here daily for hyperlinks to the rest of the reviews as they are posted.
Thanks for reading and happy holidays!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Interview with CELL @ Anime Expo

Left to right: YUKI (ba.), NAO (gt.), 紺 (vo.), and SIN (gt.)

It's time for our third "Throwback Thursday" segment today, this time featuring CELL!

At Anime Expo 2013, Vivienne and Sakura had the chance to sit down and talk with CELL. Just the night before (July 5th), they performed for the first time alongside KAYA and Moon Stream at the Visual Kei Night event, and their positive energy was infectious! In a cool meeting room the Anime Expo staff kindly set up for us, the band talks about their experience in the US, including talks of food, musical experiences of the past and more!

Throwback Thursday: AWOI @ Anime North Live Report

For our second segment of the day, we have the live report of AWOI's performance at Anime North... For the previous segment, please click here. If you have already read it, please continue with the report below.

Next up was AWOI. There was a short break while they changed the drum kit set up and swapped out instruments. Once all that packing was done AWOI came onto the stage to loud cheering from the fans. Shou, Saki and Sin  started playing towards Ryo like a quick tune up. Just as they rise up in volume Otogi bounds onto the stage. Otogi asks the fans 'Are you ready?'  Huge screams of, “YES!” from the fans. Once again Otogi asks if the fans are ready. All you can hear from the fans are screaming. He points to the left side, middle and right asking the fans if they are ready. The fans were definitely more than ready still being pumped up from the previous performance. Then, all of a sudden, they broke out into their first song. It was a great song to start off with, excellent beat for head banging done both by the fans and the artists. Shou and Sin both played close to the stage for the fans, and Ryo was playing so hard his whole kit was shaking. Shou and Sin went up and played toward Ryo again for a few beats then went back to the front; Otogi I find is a very dramatic singer. You can tell is very into the lyrics and music but expresses it in a different way, with lots of large movements. For example arm sweeps, full body head banging, etc. The end of the song seemed to come too soon, as Shou lifted his guitar above his head.  Just when you thought the song was over there was a deep scream from Otogi and a very powerful and steady beat from the rest of the members. Shou got down low and played close to the fans, which they adored.  The song officially ended with the last note played loud and hard. Shou leaned into the crowed to shake some hands. Sin was teasing the fans by leaning over them but just out of reach. Otogi then introduces the next song and they get right to it.

Throwback Thursday: Umbrella @ Anime North Live Report


Today we present to you our new feature "Throwback Thursday". It is a time that we VKH authors take the chance to post any of our late live report, interviews, etc. and publish them to help reflect on the past events as well as get our information out there! If you've noticed any reports missing recently, don't worry, we've got it covered now. It will all be published during our weekly/bi-weekly segments over time until we are all caught up! When we fall behind, the cycle will begin again. With this first feature, we remind you of Umbrella's and Awoi's live at Anime North earlier this year in a two part live report.

Well with any good review you have to start at the very beginning...of the line that is. People started lining up about an hour before the concert even began. I felt a bit bad because it was so windy and quite chilly. That didn't faze the anxious fans that were patiently waiting and taking turns doing coffee runs. Of course I took this opportunity to talk to a few people who were waiting. I found out that there were quite a few attendees that had travelled a fair distance up from the States just for the chance to see their favourite bands rock out. Thanks to J-rock North Promotions I was allowed to slip in a bit early so I could scope out a good spot for photos.

Kiryu - Akai mi Hajiketa PV Review

I honestly can't remember the last time Kiryu released a bad song. The traditionally-influenced horror-rock band seems be unstoppable and shows no sign of slowing down with their newest PV. Though a little sloppy at times, "Akai mi Hajiketa" is a thrilling song that gives fans exactly what they want and adds yet quality song to Kiryu's long list of hits.

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