Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Early Review: Dead Meat by Chris & Patrick Williams

Dead Meat by Patrick and Christopher Williams, started out as an online novel where the guys would post chapters as they were written, usually every week. I really enjoyed following along and now with a few revisions to the original story & some polishing it will be published by Permuted Press. (an excellent source for zombie fiction btw)

Note: Reviewed by Kevin (aka: Karen's DH & For What It's Worth's resident zombie reviewer)

Inhale, Swing, Move
"…mother of God…"
Exhale, Swing, Move 
"…pray for us sinners…" 
Remove blade from bone. Blood. Bile.  
"…now and at the hour…"
(Gavin - Dead Meat)

There is a rumored rabies outbreak in the small town of Rivers Edge. The Rivers Edge Dispatch is reporting that the Mayor has ordered a Voluntary Evacuation due to overrun hospitals. Patients are being admitted for neurological symptoms of "random assaults & dementia." Attacks have changed from pest-on-human to human-on-human.

As residents try to grapple with conflicting information we're introduced to Gavin and Benny; the dynamic duo. Gavin is trying to find his sister, Addison, and parents after fleeing his home town. Benny, well, he is a little more complicated. Gavin has a little saying about Benny and the order of the descriptions change depending on Benny's conflicting actions. "Benny the coyote; Benny the survivor; Benny the Hero" You're never quite sure whether you should thank him, trust him or kill him. He does agree to help Gavin find his family however and in times like these sometimes you have to team up with questionable people to survive.

The pair meet up with other survivors along the way including Rickett, an ex vietnam medic who lost both his sons. Rickett becomes sort of a mentor/father figure to them, helping Gavin & Benny learn how to survive. They also meet Henrietta Lynn Jones, aka Henry, who has seen the devastating effects of the outbreak firsthand including the governments so-called solution to the crisis.

The zombies or as Gavin and Benny describe them, "Bees", move in swarms drawn in by the scent of fresh blood. The military, brought in to help, are now called the Exterminators and use methods that are just as frightening as anything the "Bees" can dish out. It's a toss up between who is the safer option of the two to be around.

As with most zombie novels the story is more about how the survivors evolve or devolve into someone different from who they were at the beginning rather than the zombies.

If you have a weak stomach the descriptive blood and gore may be too much for you, but it's a zombie novel what would you expect? There isn't a lot of focus on what caused the zombie apocalypse and I wish we learned more about Benny since he's such a loose cannon. I would have loved to have known what makes him tick. It is touched upon but a little more would have helped explain why he took certain actions.

Radio DJ, Mav, the resident conspiracy theorist, pipes in sporadically with a few pearls of wisdom that I enjoyed. "So, some government morons release some crazy disease, you know, like in King's The Stand, only our version doesn't start with 'Don't Fear the Reaper'; ours starts with 'American Idiot' because some idiot had to start this."

Rating 3 of 4 - Beware the Bees but fear the Exterminators.
Warning: This book contains exploding brains, crunching bones, torn limbs and eviscerated entrails. Essential ingredients to any good zombie novel.

Release date: TBAComing soon on paperback to Permuted Press & Amazon
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Source: Thank you to Chris & Patrick Williams for providing an early copy for review.

**You can check out Karen's interview from 2010 with the guys here


  1. How awesome that this went from an online book to an about to be published book! Good for you guys, Chris & Patrick! Gotta love a gore filled zombie novel. I'll be keeping an eye out for this for sure.

  2. Sounds like a good gory zombie read. I've read some lately that are lighter on the gore, but every now and again gore is good!
    - Jessica @ Book Sake

  3. I've never heard of a novel being written in this way, fascinating stuff, I'm intrigued.

  4. This sounds great. I need to rush over to goodreads and put this on my wishlist.

  5. Please tell me that exploding brains is code for epic romance, right? LOL

    Really cool how the guys turned their online story into a published work.

  6. I'm not really big on zombie books, but this one sounds really interesting. Too bad I have a weak stomach, eh? Lol. Great review, hon!

  7. probably too scary for me! have a great weekend, karen!