Once upon a time.........The Royal Standard of Liège !

“Once upon a time”......... Great stories always begin like that, and the story of Standard is a really great one!

We’re going to try and tell you that story : the years of joy, of hard work, full of happiness and minor setbacks, because Standard, our Standard, deserves much more than two or three pages of history. Go right ahead and visit our site telling the story of Royal Standard of Liège.

Standard is, indeed, a club “not like the rest” : it has its own specific character, derived from its origins, its mentality and ability to express the many qualities and slight deficiences of the region which gave it birth.

Standard is firmly embedded in its social and economic environment, and although it recruits its players far and wide, it remains a club with a difference.

One thing marks it out from others : whoever has experienced its atmosphere or taken part in any of its activities is marked for life. The magnetic charisma of this club will stay with you forever !

Remember 37 years ago when “Roger la Honte” ( “Roger the Disgrace” ) dragged himself from the changing rooms at Sclessin with a broken collar bone and his arm immobilised by bandages and heaps of plasters to beat the Magyars of Vasas Györ and grab a place in the semi-finals of the Cup Winners Cup?

At this site you will find the profiles of all the players who ever wore the Standard shirt in an official match, including the above-mentioned Roger Claessen.

And then, two years later, against the odds, Real Madrid was defeated by top class players such as Galic, Van Moer and Piot. At that time, to beat the Galacticos in their own den was an almost unimaginable exploit.

What can we say about our match in the final of the Cup Winners Cup against the Spaniards of Barcelona in which Vandersmissen scored the first goal?

Or the match on June 6, 1993, an unforgettable date for Standard de Liège when, for the fifth time, it carried off the Belgian Cup against Charleroi, coached by a certain Robert Waseige, in the hell and torrid heat of the Constant Vandenstock stadium in Brussels. This was the time of the golden generation of players like Genaux, Dinga, Bisconti and Léonard, who scored the second goal in this final, after Henk Vos had driven in the first. Our squad then included players of international repute like the ultra-talented André Cruz – a future World Cup winner!

Not to forget Gilbert Bodart, Mircea Rednic, Guy Hellers, Frans Van Rooij, as well as Marc Wilmots – now coach of the Belgian national team. Since then Standard has come second in several finals : against Lierse, Genk, and more recently FC Brugge before winning once more in 2011 against Westerlo.

All these anecdotes are part and parcel of the Story of Standard. At a time when the “Rouches” are about to embark on a prestigious European adventure once again, this past requires backing by facts and documents. This is precisely what we are proposing to do. Thanks to our past, we are building foundations for the future.......

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