1. I just donated £3 to . Imagine if industry / scholarly standard encyclopaedic information was still owned by Microsoft

  2. Fantastic new website ! + Studio + proud to be a part of their phenomenal contribution to music.

  3. Everybody still wears black in London. Where's the funeral?

  4. did i make it into free ticket category .. any chance you could reschedule them for the friday?

  5. Fire man walk out on guy fawkes night. You gotta love the UK.

  6. Studio party and friends album launch tomorrow night. address is on my website. From 7pm. Come one come all.

  7. Hey . Would love to join and use 3D printers. What state is Lulzbot and Stratsys in? thanks!

  8. Your website + selection is just insane Thank you so much. Can I suggest + you may like my band

  9. Apologies for fruitcity website being down... There is a pineapple stuck in the server. Tropic fruit inspectors are working round the clock.

  10. Its interesting to see the balance of ideas that are fun and frivolous vs those that empower the less fortunate.

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