1. For every RT this gets, $1 will be donated to building a new Death Star

  2. What's the difference between Justin Bieber's new song and a vacuum cleaner? Nothing, they both suck

  3. RT : That awkward moment when someone starts choking and everybody thinks it's you doing it. < LOL!

  4. why am I having trouble sending email from yahoo? email isn't getting to recipient, no matter who I send to.

  5. Not sure my reply went thru. I want to, but so much on my plate. With my daughter turning 11, I may be coaching volleyball again.

  6. I just got . It identifies unknown callers and shows social network info as a call is coming in! Get it at

  7. RT : I also found that traveling with my CIA polo shirt got me some nice treatment at TSA. They never asked. < I so want one!

  8. RT Pretty great tits make better mothers < < only you could get away with that tweet! Lol.

  9. Its not my DB. Ops called me cuz I'm the only one on staff with any SQL knowledge. waiting on response, or access. thanks.

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