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UPCOMING BITZI.COM SHUT-DOWN: On December 8, 2013, Bitzi will be converted to a read-only mode (no new submissions, ratings, or posts). The site will close completely before the end of 2013, leaving only pointers to archived material. For more information about the wind-down, see this post from last month.
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Bitzi is a website where people cooperate to identify, describe, and discover files of all types.

Latest News: Bitcollider 0.6.0 Released -- adds calculation of Kazaa 2.6 identifiers.

Previously: Bitzi Shirts and Other Items Now On Sale at The Bitzi Store. [All News]

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For fans of digital media:
  • Bitzi-Powered Applications, and the Bitpedia information at the Bitzi web site, help you achieve confidence about the quality and origin of files that you possess or seek.
  • Contribute to the free, shared Bitpedia by reporting new files or by adding new descriptions, comments, and ratings.
  • BitSocieties provide gathering places for fans of similar genres and types of digital media, with a shared discussion area and hotlist of Bitpedia entries.
For developers:
  • Free code and services help your media sharing, management, and playback applications work better for your users.
For advertisers:
  • Bitzi Website Advertising reaches a young, growing, and well-targeted audience with custom, cost-efficient, contextually-relevant promotional messages.
For our supporters:
  • The Bitzi Store offers shirts, mugs, hats and other useful items that proudly show the Bitzi logo.

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