Published on February 21, 2009, by admin in Uncategorized.

So, you have an HTC Titan, and you’re now seeing that it’s been end-of-lifed. If you break your Titan, it will now likely be replaced with a newer model. So if you still have a Titan, you’re thinking, there’s no way that your carrier is going to be upgrading your phone to Windows Mobile 6.5 when it’s released, well that’s likely true.

I’m not sure if you can legally transfer your license from Windows 6.1 to Windows 6.5, so I won’t be helping you to upgrade your phone to Windows 6.5. However, I will continue to help you keep your windows 6.1 up to date as long as they release updates for it, and I’ll help you port over as many things in 6.5 as I can and still keep it 6.1. Unfortunately most phone carriers are too busy to do this and Microsoft allows the carriers the option of releasing updates for the phones or not, after they’re released. I think you should get your updates. I also think that the carrier released OS can be optimized so that our phones will actually perform and give us a sufficient user experience so that we don’t have to upgrade. I plan on getting at least another year out of my Titan. I’m not giving it up for the iPhone or any other phone until through my own hard work I can no longer get this phone to meet my needs.

Along these lines, I have released TitanReloaded 1.3.4. I’ve optimized the kernel more, optimized the graphics for memory and speed, did a new custom splash screen, improved default touchscreen sensitivity, upgraded M2DC, GoogleMaps (now with latitude), added in FreeOTFE4PDA (my favorite open security app), added in dotfred’s task manager, and upgraded some drivers.