Louis Haiman : Actualization

Louis Haiman : ActualizatonOriginally produced in 1995, the music on ‘Actualization’ first came to light via the seminal 1999/ 2002 Transmat : Time : Space compilations. Tracks featured: ‘Soul Purpose’, ‘The Question of You’ and ‘Actualization’.

Various incarnations of the project have surfaced over the years with the most recent being the 2012- Indigo Aera (Netherlands) vinyl only release of “The Soul Purpose EP”.

So, here again, in our own time : space vacuum, we’re happy to present, in it’s original context, ‘Actualization’. Enjoy.

The Lexicon of Sanderson Dear

Checking back in with Sanderson Dear for a full rundown on his Toronto based label Stasis Recordings.
He’s just completed his first artist album, Lexicon of A Romantic and I can report that it is a well crafted musical journey consisting of 8 mostly chilled compositions. Sanderson wears his influences proudly without being mired in retro-isms while his mastery of the many styles that constitute electronic music keep him on the move. The stand-out track for me is Warm Embrace, a mid-tempo, lush and uplifting opus to soundtrack your forward movement in life or on the dance floor. Check out our full length feature on Sanderson Dear and Stasis Recordings here.

Sanderson Dear’s new release Lexicon of Romantic is now out on Stasis Recordings.
Click the image to preview and purchase.

MS00 : Transmat : Beyond The Dance

Personally curated by Derrick May, this 25 year futuro-spective promises to be the most in-depth exploration of sonic time : space travel that we’ve retrieved in any discernible audio format. Arrives in Japan: 12/05/2012. Click the image for more information!

Check out ‘Seedling’ by Louis Haiman, featured on the CD and also available here as a digital download.

Stasis Recordings : First Sighting

Stasis: The state of equilibrium or inactivity caused by opposing equal forces.

I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with Sanderson Dear and Stasis Recordings (Toronto, Ontario) and we’ve invited him to share his insights on electronic music, technology and creativity among other things.

Let’s first and foremost focus on the music of Stasis Recordings and its well cultivated roster of international artists.

Grab your headphones, turn out the lights, click the image and begin…

Morgan Sully : Welcome to Amsterdam

Morgan Sully has been part of the San Diego electronic music and technology scene for the better part of seven years. Lending his know-how for a variety of projects from setting up websites for non-profit organizations, establishing media and technology access to underserved communities to building community electronic music maker groups and simply rocking out your party…

Welcome to Amersterdam.

You can connect with Morgan over at his MEMESHIFT portal.

Also, check out Fwdthought Music Mix : 02 featuring Morgan Sully as he disects and reverse-engineers his favorite tunes from Fountain Music (Japan) .

Hiroshi Watanabe : Century Groove Innovation

We’ve had the great pleasure of being involved with Fountain Music in Japan for about a year now being featured on their compilations, and EP projects. The latest being from Hiroshi Watanabe and a highly impressive, lush mix called Century Groove Innovation. (Release date: 03/15/12) The mix features a haunting track from Louis Haiman called “Ghosts of Gratiot”. I guess that means we’ll need to make it available, remixed/ paired up with other tracks in some kind of EP format. Soon.